Exclusive: N.W.A. inspired Los Angeles Kings custom New Era 59/50

Rock-N-Jocks brings back in stock by huge demand this classic N.W.A. inspired Los Angeles Kings custom New Era 59/50 fitted hat. This hat is all black with the LOS ANGELES KINGS embroidered script logo in white. The new era flag on the side is also white. The back of the hat has the embroidered N.H.L. logo in silver and white. It is limited to just 30 total pieces. Hurry and go pick yours up before they are all gone, exclusively at www.rocknjocks.com

How Rich People Smoke Weed

I actually saw this machine being used by a friend of mine two years ago and he swore this was best thing ever created for smokers.

via The Daily Beast

The answer is the Volcano Vaporizer, a smokeless inhalation device that has recently shown up on both the Showtime series and HBO’s Bored to Death, in which a sexy stoner played by Jenny Slate lures Jason Schwartzman into her bedroom to test one out. (“Just squeeze down on that nipple and suck in the vapors,” she coaches

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NY Governor David Patterson Has Another Sex Scandal: NY Times

Supposedly the ball is gonna drop tomorrow on NY Govenor David Paterson in the NY Times. When he took office from disgraced govenor elect Eliot Spitzer, he immediately revealed past drug use and cheating on his wife. So it pains to think he still could not keep it in the pants and would even try something during his very rough time in office. Last week I saw him flatly deny on The View that he had no scandal on the horizon. SNL is gonna have a field day with this for sure. More below:

via Newser

Less than 2 years after extramarital indiscretions cost Eliot Spitzer the job, a sex scandal is about to chase his successor as New York governor out of office. Media circles have been abuzz with reports that the New York Times is working on an exposé involving Paterson’s personal life and the hammer is about to come down, a source tells Business Insider.


Rebuilding Together: Comfort Inn by Choice Hotels & “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” join to rehabilitate Homes

Hey guys, every so often I run across a story that needs to be spread amongst all the other craziness we see in the media everyday. Here is a great program to help homeless families sponsored by Comfort Inns with help from Steve Harvey. Special thanks to Angel for the heads up. Do whatever you can to support these guys and their efforts. Check out some pics,video, and press release below:

Comfort Inn by Choice Hotels and Rebuilding Together host 15th annual NFL sanctioned Kickoff to Rebuild with ‘Steve Harvey Morning Show.’”

Rebuilding Together is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization working to preserve affordable homeownership and to revitalize neighborhoods by providing critical home repair to those in need.  Every year, the organization coordinates Kickoff to Rebuild in Super Bowl cities where one neighborhood is selected for a day of home renovation projects.

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