[pics] Kim Kardashian’s Full Nude Spread in W Magazine

I guess women feel when you put paint on your body you are not really that naked. My point is that last month we heard that some reports that Kim was disappointed that more pics from her Playboy spread were released and that she felt uncomfortable doing the shoot in the first place. Well a month later here we have this spread from W magazine.

Trust me I am not complaining just the way this girl manipulates the media is a genius and she is laughing all the way to the bank albeit with clothes on hopefully. Hit the jump for the uncensored pics..


98 thoughts on “[pics] Kim Kardashian’s Full Nude Spread in W Magazine

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  10. I’ll spread her ass check eat her pussy and fuck her so hard until her pussy becomes dry yen spit in it and do it again lol

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  12. Damn what a beautiful body she has got!
    I would die to be able titty-fuck her, spread her asscheeks and lick her asshole and finaly cum in her mouth. What a babe!

  13. i think kim is an amazingly beautiful woman, made as God intended, for real men, in a real world. nasty, sick looking sluts are okay for the fake hollywood, idiots. we who live in the real world where women gain weight with childbirth and age, can appreciate the wonderful gift she is. i wish i could meet her. she’d be done with her search for the right one. peace from naija!

  14. For all the h8rs who find Kim’s fat…a woman with those curves can’t be bird skinny, I love her curves…that’s what real women look like not the lipo-sucked or starved girls populating this world. You should come Trinidad…all the girl’s got small waists & fat asses n we’re gorgeous. It’s a pity though that the ppl didn’t do the right thing n do actual paint designs…it would have been a lot classier than just nudies wit paint…especially for some 1 like Kim…

  15. look at that fat booty goodness that joint is fat as a mug i would bang that joint on the spot if i could ray j you are a very lucky guy

  16. Kim kardashian is so fuckin Beautiful Ass fuck Fuck all u haters Ur jsut hateing becuz she fine And i bet ur uguly And I bet ur man loves KIm <3

  17. for the ignorant comments on this page Women are like ice cream we come in different flavors shapes and sizes Kim Kardashian and her Sisters for that matter are Fabulous None of them are fat!!!!!!!!! If every person in the world looked the same how boring would that be you all have too much time on your hands and need to stop being so judgemental has she done anything to u by doing this it was her choice HATERS. Im sure irl Kim Kardashian is a sweet person and it shows. If any of u werent interested in her you wouldnt have commented or cared to look up her pics in the first place get over yourselves its not that serious!!!!!!!!!


  19. All Ya’ll Who had Sum’em Negative 2 Say Bout Kim Need 2 Grow Up She Looks Beautiful in Those Pix! n Yess She Du have a Nice Ass n Tits!! mmmm hmmm

  20. steveO :….she has a fat ass and saggy tits!!!!! She is way over-rated, she is on the verge of being fat hahaha

    do u dumbasses think she reads this crap or care what u think? what u say is not going to stop her from being who she is (everything u hate) good publicity or bad, actually helps her star power so the next time u see her on tv on one of those expensive trips having fun, remember u helped put her there!lol lol

  21. OMG HER ASS IS FREAKEN HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her boobs are real though for those of you out there who think they are implants. Kourtney is the one with the implants.

  22. Well I really though she had a nice ass but now I see how nasty it is. It’s like fat and flat. Grows:0/ Kim you should have some self respect! Your ******* must be fat and nasty too.

  23. Kim is the biggest hoe around, every week she’s shackin up with someone else. The stupid morons sport her like she is a prize…..she’s not….a hoe is a hoe and you can’t make a hoe a housewife.

  24. What’s with all the hate, haters? I think she looks great. Beautiful derriere pose. The real thing. Though I believe the magazine reps should not have lied to her. Whatever they paid her wasn’t enough.

  25. Kim, your breast implants look really really gross. Then you pretend to be embarassed, –get a brain!! You really love the attention, you ugly woman!
    Only natural women look pretty. NOT YOU !!

  26. …..lets just stop and remember how the hell she is known ..the girl had a smut film …hello ???? she cries about this ?? yet she knows shit like this happens on the celeb world. she is a celeb right ???? What she doesn’t know people r shady w contracts ? this is life. BITCH !! Kim if u got your head out of your extremely all round fat ass ..that i cant believe u carry around without some body pain …then you would be able to read THE SMALL small print ! stop being a spoiled bitch and grow up !!

  27. I feel like this girl makes so many excuses, I’m sure she looked at herself before the shots were taken..lol. I think it’s to funny that she’s acting this way.. She’s beautiful and that’s the bottom line..

  28. Lol, after posing naked, now she gets upset saying she is feeling disgusted? WTF. Why did she have to show her naked body when she can make such comments. What crap kim?

  29. oh. and stop apologizing to kim. she doesnt read streetknowledge.wordpress.com. or care what you say.

  30. Kim Kardashian isn’t stupid. Her body is her own, and why even bother commenting on it. She loves it, and thats all that matters. Do you have to have sex with it? No. Is it your body? No. She is also a master minder, and a smart girl. What I mean is, she knew this would be published. She also knows that in order to pull ratings on her show, she has to throw fits and whatnot. Someone probably said something racy about her tasteful photoshoot and that was her rebound, and a way to pull ratings. Dont feel bad for her, she’s not stupid. She had to sign a contract for this, and if this is NOT what she signed up for, she would have already sued.

  31. she also has massive brail nipples, yuk!!!
    and yes she is on the verge of being fat, if someone like her puts on 5-10 kg then she would look horrible!!

  32. steveO :….she has a fat ass and saggy tits!!!!! She is way over-rated, she is on the verge of being fat hahaha

    FYI, she is known around the world for her amazing ass, and at least shes not one of those celebs with fake breast implants that look FAKE and dont even make them look any better- instead they look worse then they did before…and shes not on the verge of being fat shes not rail thin like ugly people are, shes got some meat on her bones. Dont be jealous cuz you cant flaunt yourself like that ;)

  33. Kim looks beautiful. No real woman in reality looks as thin as portrayed in the magazines, and no she is not fat- she is normal, actually she has a great figure, something most women would die for and if to some people she looks “fat” then their idea of fat must be mis interpreted because Kim looks gorgeous. Everyones entitled to their own opinions and thats why Im saying Kim is beyond the perfect body, she has a great personality to go with it.

  34. I think Kim is GORGEOUS & it is unfortunate that people have to be such insecure haters!! if you dont have anything nice to say…your better off not saying anything at all!!! I <3 Love the Kardishian Family!! Watch your show every sunday!! ;) XO

  35. We are sorry Kim that you had to go through with a photo shoot that was not what you expected. My wife and I like your show, we find you all pretty zany and funny. I do think you should do a follow up with something cool that does involve art like you had expressed on your episode. All the best!


  36. What is wrong with all you terrible nasty people who have nothing but terrible and hurtful things to say. i feel sorry for all of you that you are that miserable. Kim, you are gorgeous and adorable and i am sorry this is the price you need to pay for a hit TV show <3

  37. i really thought tha pics were gonna be gorgeous the way she acted on the episode when she found out they wqere being released! she was pissed then she got over it saying they were soooo bewautiful!…lol they’re pretty but i expected waaaay more. maybe its the face=t tht theyre silver…whatever the reason the pics look kinda weird to me! def not what i expected. looks like ALOTTA plastic surgery to me! in my opinion anyways!

  38. The truth behind the spread was that it was an art issue and art work was suppose to be posted over her private parts, ass and breasts. the Magazine backed out of covering her areas with art worked and printed the spread without the covering artwork, they cheated her out of what was actually supposed to be printed. She was taken advantage of fooled into it in this spread so that they can make magazine sales. Let’s be truly honest, she is real, she is gorgeous and extremely healthy and I think she is a very positive role model when it comes to helping women having great self esteem for themselves. Negative women, jealous women, are the ones that strive to bring other womens self esteem down, hateful women oppress the ones that are always positive and self-confident. Haters, stop hating and spend more time loving yourself.

  39. She don’t look ugly kim kardashian is a very beautiful women and the pictures look great to tell you the truth she is one of the most beautiful women in the world that whole family is.

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