[pic] WTF: Breakfast Pizza

Eat this breakfast pizza and drive straight to the morgue right after and pick out a spot. What is next ice cream orange juice? To see the full list of trends in breakfast hit the jump and the link.

via Eater
Technomic’s MenuMonitor tracked terms across their menus over the second half of 2010, and found some surprising results: breakfast pizzas have experienced “an infinite percentage growth rate from zero mentions to 12 at last count was calculated.”

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Exclusive: Wool Custom Chicago Bulls New Era 59/50 Fitted

Rock-N-Jocks just released the oh so popular fitteds for this time of year with this all wool Custom Chicago Bulls New Era 59/50 fitted. This hat has an all dark grey “all wool” crown. The bill is also in all dark grey wool. The embroidered bull logo on the front of the hat is in red, white, black. The back of the hat has the smaller embroidered bull logo also in red, white, black. Get it while you can since it is only limited to 30 total pieces. Exclusively at www.rocknjocks.com Also be sure to become a friend of RNJ on facebook for discount codes at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rocknjocks/123830674296579#!/pages/Rocknjocks/123830674296579?v=wall

Arizona Killer Not Talking To Authorities

Nothing to say? This guy just killed 6 people in cold-blood and now he has nothing to say? Unbelievable.

via Huff Post

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said Loughner was not cooperating and told ABC News the suspect had said “not a word” to investigators.

The hearing in Phoenix comes just a few hours after President Barack Obama leads a shocked and saddened nation in a moment of silence for the victims and their families. Obama will observe the moment of silence at 11 a.m. EST with White House staff on the South Lawn.

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Classic Mixtapes: S.Carter Collection

Was just thinking about how I see throwback footage and pics on these blogs, but I rarely see cats highlight classic mixtapes that still stand the test of time. So I will post some of the best mixtapes ever released (when I get a chance) for you guys to enjoy. Here is my first selection from Jay Z called the S.Carter Collection which was released in conjunction with his sneakers of the same name with Reebok in 2003. One of the best mixtapes ever released which also kicked off the short battle between Jay Z and Joe Budden, whereas Budden took some offense to Jay borrowing his beat from his Def Jam single “Pump it Up” and rapping on it. What is commonplace today was very rare back then,thus the sparks flew between the two and gave you some great battle raps from both. Whatever the case enjoy this mixtape cause we don’t know if Jay Z will ever do one again.


Washington Rapper ‘Swag’ Accused of Running Massive Oxycotin Drug Ring

Note to all you bogus self proclaimed drug dealing rappers, this is what happens when you are a real drug dealer, you get tracked by the Feds you don’t get a record deal, you get arrested and charged.

Everett rapper Swag performs in Marysville in May 2009. He opened for multi-platinum artist Juvenile at the show, and credited his friendship with Juvenile for the rapper's appearance in Marysville. But police say informants told them Swag paid Juvenile $40,000 to perform.


via Heraldnet.com

Swag’s rap persona may be more than just an image. If the cops have it right, he is exactly what his music says he is — a hustler, a drug dealer, a gangster.

Swag, whose real name is Jevon Lawson, has been the target of a lengthy investigation into drug trafficking in Snohomish County.

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Exclusive: Miami Heat New Era 59/50 Fitted Hat

Rock-N-Jocks just turned up the heat with this just released Miami Heat New Era 59/50 fitted hat. This fitted is all red with an all red bill. The embroidered heat logo on the front of the hat is in red, white, black with the top of the flame in yellow. The back of the hat has the same embroidered heat logo but smaller in the same colors. Go pick this and many other new releases at www.rocknjocks.com Also be sure to follow RNJ on twitter for discount codes at www.twitter.com/rocknjocks.

Nigerian woman caught with 91 Balloons (2 1/2Pounds) of Heroin in her stomach at Airport

I wonder why she was flagged as suspicious, most likely cause she probably was ready to vomit all of that up. Whatever the case looks very painful to have a ton of heroin in your stomach.

(CNN) — In the biggest bust of its kind in recent memory, Customs and Border Protection authorities at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport arrested a woman allegedly carrying 91 pellets of heroin inside her body.

In all, 32-year-old Sherifat Lamidi had swallowed 2½ pounds of the drug, packed inside balloon-like packaging, the agency said.

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[video] New evidence heats up the investigation into Biggie Smalls murder

Last week twitter was all abuzz about Suge Knight being arrested for the death of Biggie Smalls aka Notorious B.I.G. Well it seems that it was not some unfounded hoax, and that new evidence concerning the case has arisen.

via CNN

A task force made up of local and federal law enforcement agencies is actively pursuing leads into the 1997 slaying of hip hop artist Christopher Wallace, better known as Biggie Smalls or Notorious B.I.G., according to two sources familiar with the investigation. According to one law enforcement source, the investigation into the 13-year-old unsolved case was “reinvigorated” months ago as a result of new information, but the source would not elaborate further because of the ongoing investigation that includes the Los Angeles Police Department, L.A. County District Attorney’s Office and the FBI.

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[pics] Check out 50 Cent’s ‘Sleek Audio’ headphones

Since headphones are selling and the music isn’t, 50 Cent follows Dr. Dre’s brilliant business move by getting involved with Sleek Audio to produce his own line of high end headphones.


via Engadget

Sleek — which tickled our ears quite pleasantly with last year’s SA1 — is apparently gearing up to unveil something special here at CES. Mum’s the word on what, exactly, but judging by the image above, we’re assuming it’ll be a pair of high-end wireless (Kleer?) headphones with the backing of 50 Cent.

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[pics] New $100 Bill goes 3-D

via CS Monitor

Benjamin Franklin gets to stay. So does the official stamp of the Federal Reserve System. But the rest of the $100 bill – the most frequently counterfeited note, according to government officials – is getting a radically revamped look. On Wednesday, the US Treasury took the wraps off of a new $100 bill, which Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says would be exponentially more difficult for criminals to copy.

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[video] St. Louis Police Officer Beats The Hell Out of Unarmed Man on New Years

What the f*ck were his friends just standing there looking dumbfounded for without helping him one bit? That is is even more of a travesty the the dickhead police officer who should be arrested and charged.

via River Front Times

KTVI Fox 2 reports that the police have released the following statement:

“We were first made aware of the video this morning and while all of the circumstances of the incident are not known, what is seen on the video is extremely disturbing to us.

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