[video] Law and Order SVU does Chris Brown and Rihanna inspired episode

I have not watched Law and Order in years for the record. They have probably done 10,000 episodes and their constant recycling of recent news headlines is kind of boring to me right now. That being said, they still have a relatively consistent hardcore fan base that will probably eat up this Chris Brown and Rihanna inspired episode.


Law and Order SVU 14×16 “Funny Valentine” – A promising singer is brutally attacked by her boyfriend, a popular hip hop star.
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[video] Wrestler CM Punk Responds to Chris Brown’s Twitter Messages

This whole shitstorm started a few days ago on Twitter when CM Punk offered to fight Chris Brown in the ring. Chris threw a bunch of tweets back accusing CM Punk of using steriods and not being able to please a woman. CM Punk has now made a response video and it is kinda of brutal. Time for Chris Brown to stop engaging in war of words over this Rihanna thing, it always seem to backfire.

[video] FOX News Contributor Andy Levy goes after Chris Brown in Apology for Punching Tweet

They will never let this guy get past this incident. This kinda brutal so if you are Team Breezy do not, I repeat do not, watch this video.

To Team Breezy I would also like to say that I’m sorry. Thank you for your thousands of tweets which taught me a lot about the creative possibilities of spelling, grammar, and syntax.  Possibilities I couldn’t even imagine before last night. In particular I’d like to thank the female members of Team Breezy, who have taught me that as long as you can sing, you can beat the living hell out of a woman and other women will still love you.


Teyanna Taylor suspect in BEAT DOWN over CHRIS BROWN

Now I am not making any assumptions here just reporting the facts that were just sent to me from the guys over at TMZ. Getting arrested for assault over somebody talking shit about Chris Brown definitely is a bad look especially when her career is just getting in gear and her star is due to rise in a few days with the release of Madea’s Big Family. She is from Harlem though.

via TMZ

Teyana Taylor — an R&B singer who was once featured on “My Super Sweet 16″ — has been named as a suspect in a ferocious girl-on-girl beatdown … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us … Taylor was hanging out at a recording studio in Burbank Saturday night when another woman made a comment regarding Teyana’s friend Chris Brown.
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