[video] Pro-Mubarak Supporters Ride on Camels, Horses Whip Protesters

I heard some official on CNN say these guys were from the tourist areas and were angry that tourism is being destroyed for months to come. This footage is absolutely riveting and if you guys do not think this shouldn’t be covered extensively on this blog you are buggin. Anyway check out what happens to the last guy on a horse to come charging through whipping people.


Egypt Shuts Down Internet Amid Violent Protests

You guys surprised? I am not because that same killswitch exists here if things were ever go to massive protests across this country.

via Gawker/Adrian Chen

Egypt’s apparent blocking of Twitter and Facebook amid fierce protests this week was nothing: Now it appears they’ve blocked the entire internet, as well as text messaging. It’s got the whole world watching and wondering: What’s next?
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