[video] Imma Boss Parody – Eat Millz ft. Ricky Sauce (LMAO)

Had to post this regardless of the fact I am a big Rozay fan. This is just crazy funny from beginning to end. One of my team members put me on to this at work and I am glad he did. Sauce!!

This is a Music video parody to Meek Mill & Rick Ross Imma Boss. “It’s the Sauce”The character Eat Millz is played by Mr. Grind & the Character Ricky Sauce is played by Chris Hester.


I guess it is all Ross’s now.

via Autoblog

According to an unnamed Mercedes-Benz source speaking with AutoWeek, the German automaker is killing off its Maybach line in 2013.

The unsurprising news comes after the brand was resurrected in 2002, but failed to meet sales expectations with its two core models, the Maybach 57 and 62. Further solidifying its fate, a deal with Aston Martin to aid in the development of future Maybachs fell through earlier this year.

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