Welcome to the Dawn of a New Day!

Greetings to ALL…you are officially invited to participate in something truly epic. Its a New Year and you are about to bear witness to a new approach to the net that will truly revolutionize the Cyberspace experience. The desktop is being transformed into a multimedia platform capable of delivering hi-quality content. With that said, as the God MC Rakim proclaimed over a decade ago…”times up, sorry I kept you.” The wait is over and you are about to witness the strength

of STREETKNOWLEDGE TV!! Since the advent of the web there has been a need for content, substance and innovation to take this web thing to a next level. It has been heavy on innovation but light on substance; devoid of flavor if you will. Well needless to say we got some Adobo for that ass! We’re about to take you on the ride of your life, most

importantly at no cost to you. The only thing required is that you sit back with an open mind and allow us to entertain your brain. And being that this endeavor is all about you, our colleagues out there in Cyberspace, we ask that you send us your comments, concerns and compliments.

STREET KNOWLEDGE TV set to debut on Mixcast.TV…the countdown has begun, you’ve been warned!! LETS GET IT!! For our Brooklyn viewers you can catch us on BCAT Channel 34/67 Saturday nights in our new time slot, 9pm Primetime LIVE…or you can log on to BCAT.TV and witness future in the making.


Sound Off!!

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