What’s Good My People?

It’s So Good To Greet You,

and Meet You On the Square

each episode we Appear

in different locales

Capturin’ footage from Brooklyn

to SoCal,

to yo’ hood

Damn, it’s Lookin so Good

Vocales, Visuals in Digital

300 dpi, is criminal

No pal, ya eyes don’t decieve you

next season we bein’ previewed

in Times Square,

DVD’s bubblin’ in Seaview

Me and my people’s

Speakin Hebrew in Time Share’s

International Moguls, Global shares

of Dimes Stare at our Debonair


a strict adherence to trust is required

you in the midst of media messiahs

just sit back and crack a brew,

this is STREET KNOWLEDGE reportin live to you…enjoy

Sound Off!!

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