Wednesday (1/17) afternoon we had the esteemed pleasure of interviewing one of the most energetic figures in the entertainment game. At an undisclosed location in Manhattan,we made the acquaintance of ex-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.Very rarely are you able to tell the genuineness of one’s character by observing their daily regimen on TV. On the tube he plays a character, a wrestling personality, an actor that embodies flare, pizazz and raw energy. In real life, he is the same person, just at different extremes.Now what does this have to do with Hip Hop? Well, Mr. DDP is suing the CEO of R-O-C for copyright and tradmark infringement, claiming he “owns” the coveted DIAMOND SIGN.diamonddallasmashup-1.pngYou know, the one featured on damn near every promo ad cranked out for Jay-Z’s return to the rap game.dynasty1.jpg

Who ever thought throwing your diamonds in the sky would come down to this? We have compelling footage of Diamond Dallas explaining his late entry into wrestling entertainment, and the perseverence that it took to champion his rise to the top. He cleverly details the many similarities he has with Sean Carter,
JAY-Z & DDP Throwing ROC
in terms of their relentless drive and hustle. He then lays out his case for the legal actions he had to take.Stay tuned as we prepare this dynamic clip for all of you wrestling and entertainment enthusiasts alike, this is definitely one that you don’t want to miss…TRUST ME!!!

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