“They say “The crochet pants and the sweater was wack”
seen “The Corner”, now they say “That n*gga’s back,” uh…”
Common, They Say


On the night of Tuesday, January 23rd, Chicago’s own Common and company commenced on a small boutigue in Little Italy, La Coppola Storta
La Coppola Storta
debut the release of his highly anticipated signature hat line, Soji. The name Soji, which was borrowed from Common’s next door neighbor means ‘spiritual rebirth,’ signaling the birth of Common’s new venture. Universally recognized as a trendsetter in his own right, the transition from artist to entrepreneur almost seems seamless for the Chi-Town native.

When Street Knowledge inquired as to “Why hats? Why now?”
his response was, combined with his love for hats and everyone inquiring about where to get the hats he’d become famous for wearing coupled with him going bald, he figured this was the right move to make, at the right time(he also has a movie & album dropping). He explained that he chose to collaborate with La Coppola Storta, because their brand is globally recognized to be synonymous with excellence when it comes to upscale hatwear.

As legend has it, Jeremy Piven, Common’s Smokin’ Aces co-star, stopped by the store to buy some hats and suggested to them that they hook up with Common. Apparently not only did they think it was a great idea, but they’d been looking to hook up with Common prior to Jeremy dropping by. As they say, the rest is history. this year).


In attendance was his Smokin’ Aces co-stars Alicia Keys, Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Taraji Henson and good friends Londell McMillan

The star-studded red carpet gala was sponsored by the good people of Moet Chandon, who kept the bubbly flowing while the cameras kept flashing, capturing the ambience of the night, play by play. Unexpectingly, before the night finished Common capped off the festivities by unveiling his true inspiration: his mother. She expressed her delight to see her son reach these heights via his love for the mic. Common has come full circle in his career and continues to prove that through Hip Hop all things are possible. Special thanks to


polaris logo


la coppola storta logo


BF9 Media

Special thanks
to our contributing reporters from Harlem LIVE Organization, Nkrumah Tinsley, Matthew Sneh, S. Van Bryan and Street Knowledge co-host Goddess


Photos courtesy of Matthew Sneh, S. Van Bryan and Nkrumah Tinsley; check out pics in our Flickr photo album.


In addition to their SOHO/LoLita location (246 Mott St.), La Coppola Storta also maintains retail locations in Palermo, Roma, Firenze, and Bologna, Italy.


Smokin’ Aces is in theaters January 26.


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