Memph Bleek Is…Focused Man!

memph Bleek Is…Focused Man!

“Mind Right, Money Right…”

Diversifying your business has become a staple in the world of Hip Hop. With moguls
like Sean Combs and Sean Carter branching off to become branding machines for multi-national corporations, its no longer acceptable to just be a “rapper.” Roc-a-Fella recording artist Memphis Bleek definitely got the memo and he understands the bigger picture that Hip Hop is painting. Fresh off a global excursion with Jay-Z, M-Easy is charting out new territory, while still focusing on the charts and the art that got him here. Partnering with NJ automotive behemoth Installations Unlimited, Memph is throwing his fitted into the car business. Specializing in detailing and upgrades, this “Car Care Facility” is poised to
become the premier destination to “Pimp Your Ride.” And for those riders looking to
“Throw Some D’s” on their whip, if your tires aren’t hugging some Mayas then you’re
not sitting on fire. These rims, exclusively distributed by Installations Unlimited will be
the premier “shoes” to outfit your whips with this summer.

“What y’all about to witness is Big Business Kid”


Black Maya 1maya chrome wheels1Black Maya 2Chrome Maya 2Black Maya 3Chrome Maya 3

The entrepreneurial spirit has definitely rubbed off on Young Memphis, who’s been firmly planted in the game for over a decade. Never one to shy away from the booth, Memph-Man is also preparing his next dish. Still seeing the world through the lens of a dude from Marcy, he’s cheffin’ up some food for thought, reflective of the broader view he just got exposed to by touring the globe with Hov. Rest assure, he promises to give his fans a bellyful this time around, another chapter in his “Coming of Age” story. Memphis doesn’t hesitate to address the crop of “haters” that have been popping up with his name in their mouths lately. Stay tuned for the video clip where he speaks on his plans to silence them once and for all!

memph Bleek Is…Focused Man!2


“I don’t think you know how focused Young Memphis is”


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