Uncle Murda vs. Big Truck & Cavlar Pt 1

This story will not go away, after posting this and getting it mentioned on the behemoth of  hip hop websites ALLHIPHOP.COM,  I just got another video from All Access. Part three to their interview with Big Truck!! I will post that vid up here in a bit got some editing to do. Bless up!!

7 thoughts on “Uncle Murda vs. Big Truck & Cavlar Pt 1

  1. ” t murdah” before it’s too late I hope your ignorant statements don’t land you 6ft deep or in a cell.

  2. uncle murder east new yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk brooklyn i rep flattbush dough told ya not to fuck with them gmg niggas hahahahahahahahahaha thats what happens when u try to pull gimicks nigga gmg all the way any body can get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. homey was about getting money and women and at any course.he went about everyday life being a gangsta. he intimidated both regular and street dudes and he really was about his business. thats why he was killed, he ran across the same type of individual that he himself was and he got caught with a sandwich instead of his gun in his hand. dont get it twisted it could have easily been the other three people who approached him that couldve been left on the ground. thats how he lived. hip hop.

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