Keisha Cole finale breaks BET records

Keisha cole & steven hill

BET made out like bandits with the finale of KEISHA COLE: THE WAY IT IS.  The controversial reality show pulled in 2.9 million views and 2.0 million homes tuned in.  The blockbuster show now stands as the #1 series in BET history!  Next to BET’s 2007 Hip Hop Awards the final episode stands as the second highest rated show in BET history, period!  Damn, New York better watch her back…Keisha’s coming for that number one spot!  For more on this story, click HERE 



2 thoughts on “Keisha Cole finale breaks BET records

  1. hi kiesh i just wanted 2 say i luv your show an i can relate 2 alot that goes on in the show my mom does drugs also the only difference between yo situation is that my mom never been in prison and i was never adopted but i have been in and out of foster homes do 2 my moms stupid choices in life their is 7 of us all 2gether and were all off doing our own thing we barely get along because of all the drama that goes on in our family .all the drama is base on my mom and her lil drug problem she dont want 2 b helped she would say she stoped but that will only last 4 a couple of months then she would bac at it again. thats why i luv watchin your show hearing your story somethimes makes me want 2 cry because im goin throught the same thing and so is alot of people in this world if i could just tell my story the way u have the world would no how hard my life is on a day 2 day basic.i luv u girl and keep up the good looking up 2 you as my rolemodel.

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