Joey takes lyrical stab at Jay


 Joe Buddens recently delivered on the long-awaited, highly anticipated Mood Muzic 3, and slipped in a little gift hidden in the (w)rapping.  On track 3, titled, “Talk 2 ‘Em” Joe cuts straight to the point and opens a barrage on Sean Carter: “Campaign’s going full throttle like a race/if you’re feelin’ Funktafied, get a bottle to the face/for you the times are rough too/cuz ain’t nobody buying your albums but you/from the sounds of everything/ i hear you lost it/still rap alright but your ear’s exhausted/fuck your bunch of money/put your ego to the side/and maybe it’s time to study your understudy/i mean, are we hustling or are we grown up/every time i hear you you’re changing your tone up” 

 Ugly…but that’s not all folks…“when the new generation think about Jordan/all they remember is when Iverson crossed him/take off the blazer, loosen up the tie/n*gga fell in love and super man died!”  Ooch!  Joey must’ve been holding on to some emotional luggage for a minute now,whew, he continues…”the new generation won’t forget you we promise/we’ll always pay homage/but lets get one thing understood son/every encore ain’t a good one”  


Sprinkled throughout the CD are other lightweight subliminal shots taken at Jay.  It’ll be interesting to see if Hov bites this time, especially  with the highly contested outcome of their last “silent” war leaned in the favor of Jump-Off Joey.  Click HERE to get to full mixtape, which is definitely worth a listen.   PMoor  

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