He’s a Legend! Will Smith Triumphs Box Office


 Will Smith continues his uncontested reign as the Blockbuster King.  After carrying the summer consecutively Smith was the hottest thing this winter weekend with an astounding $76.5 million debut for “I AM LEGEND”– an apocalyptic epic about Smith being the last “human” on Earth.  Not only did he shatter box-office records for the highest debut in the month of December but he’s so nice he did it twice!  Last year this time he pulled in $26.5 million with “The Pursuit of Happiness.” A year later five million more people turned out to see Will save the planet from genetically mutated Night Walkers.  “It’s nice to be in the Will Smith business,” said Dan Fellman, head of distribution for Warner Bros. “He is just the No. 1 box-office star in the world today.”  Click HERE for full story, and other Box Office numbers.


Editor’s Note: Wow, who would’ve ever thought…The Fresh Prince, a rapper from Philly would reign on the top of the Hollywood Hills as the number-one man in the business?  


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