Wii Will Give You A Raincheck…


Nintendo has tried to satisfy its customers by offering rainchecks to those who cannot get their hands on the elusive Wii, argubably the holiday’s hottest item(that hasn’t been recalled). Customers have been going crazy trying to find the hottest video game player since the PSP. Check out the full article…

Update: Smash Bros Smashes Records


Nintendo has broken records with the recent release of their mega hit Super Smas. Bros. Pushing 1.4 million copies the first week in North America alone. Nintendo states via their press release, that this is the “fastest selling game” in their history. This certainly great news for Nintendo after the recent resurgence of PS3 which had been selling considerably less than the super popular Wii.
Full story and pics@ Joystiq

Confirmed: Mario Kart Wii Releasing on April 27th

Recently Nintendo of America has confirmed the release date of Mario Kart Wii as being April 27th… just a mere 16 days after the European release.
CVG has some information on why the release dates are so staggered…

Previously Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime cited the reason for a staggered release schedule on a disc duplication issue, claiming that it would be unfeasible to produce enough discs to meet international demand.

The same production problem is what’s keeping Nintendo from confirming an SSBB release for Europe… so with this same staggered logic.. should European gamers expect SSBB by the end of March, since it was released in the U.S. at the beginning of the month?

So, should Europe be seeing Brawl shortly all powerful Nintendo?

(Via CVG)


[via Go Nintendo]

Heck, we can’t think of a smarter way to market your product. With the Wii being the hottest item on the planet, this is sure to bring some folks in, with the hopes that they’ll hit some homers and knock the price of their car down

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