‘Daddy’s Shadow’ is not “Doctor” recommended


Like Father Like Son…well in this case, like daughter.  Dr. Dre’s babygirl, Manaj wants to follow in her daddy’s footsteps and explore a recording career.  She has taken it one step further though and compiled enough footage on her family and super-reclusive father that she is prepping “Daddy’s Shadow” a documentary style expose on the Good Doctor.  Only thing is, Dre ain’t feelin that.  “My dad has cut me off (for) my involvement with the ‘Daddy’s Shadow’ project,” according to Manaj. For those who want to get a preview of this behind-the-scenes DVD, go to www.tmmediagroup.com to see the trailer.

Editor’s Note: As many will remember, little over a year ago a lyricist emerged out West bearing a striking resemblance to the Good Doctor, calling himself Hood Surgeon.  He claimed to be Dre’s son.  According to him, he didn’t receive his father’s blessings either.  Damn, by the sounds of things Dre’s reality show would be more exciting than Snoops on any given Sunday! 

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