Media Takeover 101


With the game in shambles, now is the best time to make your move, independent artist!  Here is a step-by-step on how to get adjusted to the changing dynamics of the NEW music game, provided by the homie Clinton Sparks, courtesy of the homies over at SOHH.COM.  This is a must read for any artist embarking on “Media Takeover” in the ’08. 

1. Brand Yourself: Treat Your Name As If It’s a Company
2. Originality: Strive to Be the “Best First You” Rather than the “Second Someone Else”
3. Create and Maintain Relationships: There is a Fine Line Between Being Persistent and Being Aggravating
4. No Need to Run Around Sayin You’re the Sh*t, Let The Quality of Your Work Speak For Itself And People Will Say It For You
5. Set Realistic Goals for Yourself, Every Time you Achieve Them Set A New One

for the full breakdown click HERE

Sound Off!!

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