Hip Hop meets the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian, the beacon of all things socially celebrated in America, is hosting an art exhibit dedicated to the vibrant force known as Hip Hop.  This exhibition titled “RECOGNIZE! Hip Hop and Contemporary Portraiture” will be taking place from February 8 to October 26.  It will feature the works of David Scheinbaum, a lensman who has been cataloging imagery in Hip Hop since 2000 and Kehinde Wiley, the Brooklyn based artist who is credited with incorporating Hip Hop iconic figures and random dudes with Renaissance themed paintings.  The poetry of Nikki Giovani will also be featured throughout the exhibit.  D.C. area artists have been commissioned to design several murals to be placed within the gallery as well.  So, if you have an urge to explore the best in contemporary Hip Hop art make your way down to the Smithsonian and catch this monumental exhibit.  For more details click HERE 

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