Muslims singing a different tune


The BBC has an interesting article about a group out of the UK name Blind Alphabetz and their efforts to bridge the culture of Islam with Hip Hop.  The article chronicles them in a elementary school, shooling the youth, who are primarily of Muslim backgrounds about the virtues of using Hip Hop as a voice for the voiceless and a teaching mechanism for Islam.  It is very interesting how they explain the resistance they recieve from other Muslims who are programmed to only think negative when they hear Hip Hop.  Unfortunately this is what the world has come to know when they hear about the culture of rap music. 

“A lot of people hear ‘Muslim hip-hop’ and they immediately back out: ‘We’re not going to touch that – that’s evil, it’s ‘haram’, it’s people singing’…
But when they actually listen to the lyrics, meet the people and talk to them, they see there is a positive message and what they’re saying is not against Islam.”

To check the full article out click HERE

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