Spinning into the Record Books

headspin.jpgThe Guiness record for headspins is in jeopardy, by the same 18 year old who set last year.  Japanese hip hop enthusiast Ono “Spinboy” Aichi set the record last in Germany with 88 spins in under a minute then one-upped himself in September by posting 101 spins in 60 seconds besting the previous record which was 62 spins, set by a Swiss dancer.  His goal this Sunday (Dec. 30) is 130!  Thats a little over two rotations a second.  When asked what inspired him to get his spin on, he replied:

“I was 12 years old,” Ono said. “I saw someone doing headspins and thought it was fun so I tried doing that at home.” But it took him five months before he managed his first headspin.“I like how my vision is different when my body is upside down doing headspins. I can see everything around me, and the things and lights look more beautiful that way,” he said.

To read the full article click HERE

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