Click here to download exclusive footage of the memorable Nas concert at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC ft. Busta Rhymes, Chrisette Michele, and The Bravehearts.CLICK HERE TO  DOWNLOAD ( IPOD)CLICK HERE TO  DOWNLOAD  (IPHONE)REVIEW:Street Knowledge/Cheap Thrills Prods. was in the house to capture Nas live and in rare form at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. The show was presented by Live Nation and produced a sold-out crowd, eager to see their favorite M.C. God’s Son aka Nas. After a warm-up performance by DJ Mister Cee and introduction by Funk Master Flex, Nas came out to the sounds blaring through the sound system of Marley Marl and was warmly greeted by his loyal fans. Nas started the show with the classic cut ” New York State of Mind” and continued to run through his catalog from the beginning of his career to his most recent album “Hip Hop Is Dead.” Briefly speaking on his most anticipated album to date, the upcoming “Nigger”, Nas promised the hip hop faithful that the album would be packed with thoughtful and controversial themes and that the title had mainstream Americas’s “panties in a bunch”.The show was brought to another level of excitement when Busta Rhymes came out and gave a fiery but abbreviated performance and proclaimed in no uncertain terms that everyone should laud Nas as being the best MC period. The crowd wholly agreed and were treated to a rousing performance of Busta’s most recent hits including “New York Shit.”  More Rhymes and a reunited Brave Heart performance seemed to overshadow the fact that neither AZ or Foxy Brown (incarcerated) were there to perform. Songstress Chrisette Michele proved why she will be a superstar soon with her beautiful voice as her and Nas did their collaboration “Can’t Forget About You”. Though Nas did rare classics and gave the crowd his all, a persistent chant of “Ether, Ether” keep the crowd from totally going bananas. It is something that he will have to address one day, because his diehard fans still thirst for the historic battle track that brought him back from the brink of fading to black (no pun intended).Overall the show was fantastic though a couple of no-shows would have made it hands down the best show of the year and that is including the 50, JMJ and Jay-Z soirees.  Countdown to Wu-Tang vs. Shaolin at the Hammerstein…


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