Step Ya Foot Game Up!

red-crocs.jpg adidas.jpg

For the ’08 Street Knowledge will be doing a lot of collaborative work with our STREET WEAR homies.  We will be bringing you the top dogs of STREET WEAR fashion with the hopes of broadening your scopes.  What better way to set things off then to get you moist about these two exclusive treats for your FOOTWEAR.  Red Croc Uptowns!  Sickening.  Road Runner Adidas!  Silly.  Visit the homies over at to get a better assessment of what’s poppin’ on the STREET WEAR scene.  Shout to Irak & realmad HECTIC

3 thoughts on “Step Ya Foot Game Up!

  1. da red shoes at da top is fire…but wut the fuck wuz u thinkin wen u put them ugly ass track shoes on the bottom…now dat shit is ugly….not a good look

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