Son of French Prez is Closet Producer


In a scene straight out of CB4, it has just been confirmed that the son of anti-Hip Hop French President Nicolas Sarkozy is a closet producer.  The hardliner Sarkozy railed against  French rappers when he was Interior Minister, going as far to bringing cases against the group La Rumeur for their rants against police.  And just like the over eager politician in CB4, Sarkozy was a defender sanitized suburban living, which brought him into conflict with Hip Hop which has traditionally been the voice of the poor and oppressed.  His son, Pierre who goes by the rap name “Mosey” has crafted sounds for his group Da Crime Chantilly.  He even has credits listed for producing a song for David Banner.  Peep this hilarious exchange between Pierre and a rapper name Poison that he ended up producing for: 

“I have known him for five years,” “Poison” was quoted as saying. “I met him at a party. When I heard (who he was), I lost it, I called him. He told me: ‘Poison, I did not want to tell you, you would not have wanted to hang out with me’.”  

Ha, you can check my dude Mosey over at his Myspace page by clicking HEREFor more on this hilarious story CLICK HERE 

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