The Rap on Hollywood ’08


The homies over at DefSounds have a blog about all the upcoming movies of the ’08 that feature rappers. Now all of a sudden rappers in movies is a hot topic being that one of the world’s most lovable rapper’s helmed the biggest movie of last year, that would be Will Smith in I AM Legend, thank you. And yeah, we still consider Big Willie Hip Hop!


Editor’s Note: I noticed they left out Mos Def and his upcoming flick with Jack Black, Be Kind Rewind. Mos has also been billed to star in Next Day Air alongside Lauren London, Mike Epps and Donald Fasion. The flick centers around the delivery of bricks of cocaine to the wrong recipients and the pursuit that ensues. And another shout out to the homie Clyde over at ProHipHop who brought to our attention that Woohah has been running a series about the hottest Hollywood rumors dealing with possible roles for Common in the Justice League movie, possibly the lead Green Lantern and a certified role in the upcoming Angelina Jolie flick Wanted as well as the Night Watchman with Keanu Reeves. Also in production is Vapors a movie based on the Juice Crew. And let us not forget the homie Method Man in Meet The Spartans.

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