MJ Drops the 23rd Edition of His Air Jordans

To all my sneaker fanatics the 23rd edition of possibly the world’s most famous sneaker, the Air Jordan is being prepped for release on the 25th of January.  This shoe is said to be the most innovative sneaker on the planet, as close to a “green” shoe as you can get.  The first color scheme will be white, titanium and university blue and there will only be 23 pairs sent to the top 23 Jordan accounts amounted to a total of 529 pairs in production priced at $230.  Outside of the states only 529 pair will be produced officially making this the most coveted, exclusive collective pair of J’s you can even get your paws on.  There will be many more versions of the AJXX3 debuting at a later date, possibly carrying the brand through the rest of the year.   


 These joints will be dropping on February 16th in time for the 2008 NBA All Star Game


2 thoughts on “MJ Drops the 23rd Edition of His Air Jordans

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