50 & Others Named In Juicing Probe


G-Unit frontman 50 Cent, R&B Siren Mary J. Blige and Super Producer Timbaland have been named in a probe of possible steriod/human growth hormone users.  While details remain sketchy it is being reported that the superstar’s names have popped up in the year-long investigation launced by Albany DA P. David Soares into the use of steriods in the sports entertainment world.  After some big snares namely in the world of baseball, sights have been set on the music entertainment industry.  Wyclef Jean and movie maker Tyler Perry have also been named in the investigation.  The criminal aspect of the investigation is being limited to the pharmacists, clincs and doctors who allegedly provided the substance.  None of the stars named in the investigation are in jeapordy of being charged with anything, in fact US Senator Charles Schumer has just introduced legislation that would make possession of these substances illegal.  Stay tuned for development as this story takes shape and CLICK HERE for the full article

Update: For a detailed description of the proof the Albany DA has against these stars CLICK HERE to read more.  It appears some of them had drugs sent to their place of residence addressed to them, others used pseudonyms like Michael Jordan and Marlo Stanfield from The Wire.

4 thoughts on “50 & Others Named In Juicing Probe

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  2. Okay Thanks for the lead Paul.

    And ComebackGirl I hope that they dont put your mother through an investigation for steriods due to the fact that she has medical issues.But what I ask you is if they are safe for her to use, because who knows what is exactly in the stuff anyway.

  3. This is getting really stupid. My mother might be on this report too. She’s taken a form of a steriod for her back pain-perscriberd to her by a DOCTOR. There are many people who are starting use HGH as a part of alternative forms of healing and under doctor supervision. Some people have used it as an experimental way to fight cancer-estrogen/proestrogen etc.

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