Oh No This Negro Didn’t! Hillary needs to muzzle her attack dogs!

When will the people say enough is enough?  The nerve of this ‘man of the clothe!’ How dare he polarize the “black”vote by suggesting that people exercising their god-given right to make their own decision regarding where they want to place support for their presidential candidate are in the “wrong” or disloyal?  Since when was it universally understood that “black” America would unanimously support Hill and Bill because they played political pandering to the old stogies of the Civil Rights era and the Plantation Overseers that play the pulpit every Sunday, charged with programming susceptible Negroes on how to do everything like as if everyone is “sheeple” instead of rational thinking human beings.  Shame on you.  But more trifling than anything is to suggest that just because Obama comes from a bi-racial background he is less qualified than a full blooded Caucasian woman from middle America.  Beware of racial politics this election year and the well greased Uncle Tom’s that have been bought and sold years ago precisely for a point in time like this. 


They will be rearing their ugly heads and igniting racial politics in the name of Hill and Bill but every time the people protest the Clinton Campaign will play innocent and say that their surrogates are acting on their own volition.  They are nothing more than those savage attack dogs that were used to quell protesters during those marches in the South during the Civil Right heydays.  It has been our “so-call” leaders that have exhibited the most divisive, childish behavior within the last month, exposing the very reason that the youth in America are banding together and revolting against the Old Establishment, calling for change and yes that includes these boot-licking Negroes on the Clinton payroll.  

Keep your eyes on these Negroes:

Bob Johnson

Andrew Young

Jesse Johnson

Tony Morrison (since she started this nonsense about Bill being the first “Black” president)

Bill Clinton (since he’s considered the first “Negro” president)

James David Manning

Charlie Rangel
and the list continues…

Sound Off!!

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