Big props to the homie Paul Stewart over at who’s been doing some serious groundwork.  A DJ becomes a giant in his field for his knack for digging in the crates and coming up with rare gems. Well, the homie Paul has been digging in Myspace and coming up some notable gems of his own.  Here is Part 3 of TOP 1oo MYSPACE MODELS!  And like they say, three is the charm!
The self proclaimed “Pothead Stripper” confess that she loves to get Naked. Ok Brooklyn Stand Up! 
Model actress Chelly ain’t playing!
This exotic Vietnamese princess has as big a heart as she is pretty! 


This actress model really reps the Black and Asian thing to the fullest! 

To see the rest of these rare gems go to the homie Paul’s site by CLICKING HERE


6 thoughts on “TOP 100 MYSPACE MODELS- Part 3

  1. Yea man im that nigga who started this whole profile so any female wanna get notice hit me up at 6789739225

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