Government Taking Aim At Sagging Epidemic


The “saggin” epidemic has struck a nerve in a small community down in Texas.  Organizers have formed a movement called “Pull ‘Em Up” to criminalize the practice of wearing pants “sagging” off the behind.  Now, their campaign is about to hit the national stage as they bring their case to Dr. Phil’s nationally televised show.  Hip Hip Government organizers Jay Scroggins, Damon Woffors and Chris Williams will be joined by Al Sharpton, Dallas Deputy Mayor Dwaine Caraway and TVT rappers Ying Yang Twins on the show to contest the pros and cons of Hip Hop’s contribution to society and whether or not controversial fashion trends like “sagging” should be regulated by government.  The organization has brought their campaign to the people by placing over 300 billboards ups in the Dallas Forth Worth area.  To read up on this controversial topic and partake in the debate CLICK HERE.  

3 thoughts on “Government Taking Aim At Sagging Epidemic

  1. I say let people wear their pants the way they want! As long as we’re wearing clothing it’s fine. It’s not like we’re showing our bare butt or anything! and I agree, there are much more important topics. There’s Iraq, Darfur, the environmental crisis, gas prices etc. and all the government can think about is that we’re sagging our pants? Are you kidding me?

  2. Great comment, but first you must recognize that its not only troops dying in Iraq, but innocent civilians too. This is something that may seem trivial, but this may be something that needs to be addressed. I am hip Hop all day but pants totally off your ass is crazy!! Furthermore while the government is conducting war in foreign places to install democracy, we’re asking is it democratic to criminalize fashion and take a person’s rights away even for something as trivial as saggin’ pants? As an educator you should be able to see this from a different perspective.

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