Where’s The Love? Ghostface barks on his fans for downloading Rehab!!


Remember back in the dayz?


Oh the golden days of Hip Hop…remember when fans used to buy CD’s?  Remember that long, long time ago when an artist was able to drop his latest and ring up register sales?  Well, those times are too far in between and some of Hip Hop’s giants are taking hits and letting it get the best of them.  The Iron Man Tony Starks just released a video on his Myspace personally appealing to his fanbase, which numbers in the hundereds of thousands on Myspace to stop downloading his material and go to the stores and cop his sh*t!  Did the Wally Champ show a kink in the armor?  I never thought I’d see the God get extra emotional but I do understand the frustration one must have spending long nights in the studio cooking up a classic just to see it go plastic, but yet ya fans know ya tunes word for word.  Someone has got to tell their favorite artist that the game has changed and in order to stand the wave of the “Ringtone Artist” you have to readjust to change and step into the (new) world, like KRS-One said.   In the meantime please go get that Big Doe Rehab!

We can have a pow-wow nah mean?

3 thoughts on “Where’s The Love? Ghostface barks on his fans for downloading Rehab!!

  1. i had $30 left i went and got ur cd ghost!! $14,99..and with the rest of the money i went and bought a “G”!! thats right!! and rolled a BLUNT!!

  2. if i truly like an artist , whether it be hip hop , rnb , gangsta rap , actual dj skillz (rectangle or mixmastermike style) or club anthems i will buy the cd and or record , not to support them neccesarily but just due to the fact of the sound quality form crappy dwnloaded files , if i just want to hear a song ill dwnload it.

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