Suge Knight… Comptons Most Unwanted!!


It seeems the city of Compton wants nothing to do with Suge Knight or the Piru Blood Gang he has been associated with for years. The city is saying these gang organizations and Suge himself, are the cause of  many of the murder, drugs, and violence that plagues Compton and many other communities across the nation. With Suge’s money problems,the unresolved murders of Big and Pac still over his head, and the rise of Crooked I,this is just another thing he probably wish would go away. Full story at Thug Life Army


Former Bloods Gang founder T Rogers works now to keep youth out of gangs across America.

46 thoughts on “Suge Knight… Comptons Most Unwanted!!

  1. tg reckless east side rolling 20 nhb 27 red scopin 1482 attive no cuts senser p’s

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  3. Strapped Ill City Bloodz E.L S.A ck all day 5tar will neva stop poPPing!!!!!! SUUUU WOOOOP

  4. Krenshaw mafia gansta bloods all mother fukkn daii…..From dah west but i bangs ova on da east side(New York)….Dawn Diz Daze kome hallla at meh

  5. A5he5 2 a5he5 du5t 2 du5t n Blood5 i tru5t n Ckrab5 i bu5t. 031 2 all my Dawg5. I 5tab dem ckrab5 wit ah fork n feed dem 2 my Dawg5. 5 poppn 6 droppn. 5 flyn 6 dyin. 5 buckn 6 duckn. 5 alive 6 must die. Eastside Blood 4 lyfe nigga. ckrab5 re5peckt all Blood5

  6. fukk that it’z lil fr3sh all ya’ll nicca’z fak3 a h3ll it w2stsid3 crip gang bkitch fucc all ya’ll slobk azz nicca’z an r3al cripks don’t 8ang und3r th3 six point star cuz that’z folk tr3y gang in this bkitch mov3n to th3 3rdk power

  7. fuck every one on dis shit yall need 2 get a motherfuckin job are be in school with yall dumb azz some of yall niggas false flaggn any way yall aint shit because C.T.E taking every thing anyway.


  9. yea blood dis dat 135 piru baby og murda ru. dis nigga food bckuz he false blaimin his hood. Fuck yall ckrabz. Yall niggas ckant swim blood

  10. T Rogers,

    Yo, this is Dreblac comin’ 2 u w/ much Luv & Respect 4 what u’re doin’ out there, & i want you 2 know that i am TRULY inspired by u. i am a
    former member or the CRIPS gang(still represent it) & a young, yrs. old father of 2( 1 son, 1 daughter). i am also involved w/ the Real Estate Business. More important 2 me than Crippin’ & Real Estate R my Children. i still stand firm in the Black Power Movement that The Black Panthers started yrs. b4 my birth.(1979) i overstand that The Originals are the by-product of that Movement.Many of these cats don’t know the truth of how the shit all began & i’m one of the few who know. That is the reason i have distanced myself from that type of environment because i care deeply for the safety of my family. Alot of my friends(& foes) are locced away in prison or deceaced,so alot of that shit has slowed down plenty.My beef is w/ alot of these young niggaz still in the streets pullin’ the same BS we pulled & no matter what i say or their homiez say, they don’t seem 2 want 2 listen.The only one who cared that much for me is my mother. it’s not very often someone show concern 4 our blacc youths, & that is why i chose to be a realtor.My wish is 2 become an asset to the blacc society & not become like those HollyWood Bloods/Crips in the rap industry, because my overstanding of being a ‘G’ is 2 keep U’r mouth SHUT, & ALWAYS RESPECT other g’s as well.So, i say unto you PEACE & BLESSINGS 2 ALL Bloods & Crips,& may THE MOST HIGH 4eva be w/ U all the days u walk this Earth.

    “Crip 2 tha Heart, but it’s still BLACC POWER”
    -Bloods & Crips-“Bangin’ on Wax ’93

  11. suge knight is a faggot if i had one wish i would wish for a one on one fight with him the bitch boy

  12. suge knight is the cause of bigge and pac’s death everyone knows that i hope he dies in pain the fat wannbe gangsta he was jealous of bigge and pac’s fame and life style suge is a low life mother fucker burn in hell you fat slob! Rest In Peace Bigge&Pac

  13. giv a crab a bone wont giv him shit but a funeral home! puffin on a blunt goin out of my mind

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