Clothing Company Illegally Depicts Left Eye


The family of TLC’s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes is up in arms over the unauthorized depiction of the late R&B star by a popular LA clothier.  Dragonfly was featured on an episode of Janice Dickinson’s Model Agency where live models were used in a photoshoot to create clothing with deceased “rock stars” on them.  Jay Morose, family friend and former publicist of Left Eye said he approached the clothing company after seeing the depiction, which he felt was tasteless.  According to him he said: 

”They explicitly said they are portraying Elvis, Kurt Cobain and my friend, Lisa Lopes. The photos are now online as a catalogue for this company. They even identify the models by their rock star names…An assistant told me they can do whatever they want with the images. But it’s tasteless – and also highly illegal. In California, tort law generally prohibits commercial use of a celebrity’s likeness without consent. This matter has been passed on to the family’s attorneys.”

To read the remainder of this article CLICK HERE.

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