Obama- The Black Kennedy?


Last year we saw the historic union of Jay-Z and Nas converging to form The Black Republicans.  This year we witness the anointing of Barack Obama by Caroline Kennedy making him The Black Kennedy.  Citing reasons like patriotism and a strong belief that Mr. Obama is the most trans-formative figure to emerge on the political scene since her father, Ms. Kennedy wrote a colorful endorsement of the Illinois Senator in the Sunday edition of The New York TimesShe hits on all the points that make Mr. Obama and anomaly in American politics.  CLICK HERE for the full article.   

2 thoughts on “Obama- The Black Kennedy?

  1. Come On Paul, you know he did not big up Reagan. He said that Reagan was able to change democrats and make them go against their policy initiatives which proved to be wrong for this country.

    They took a bit of his statement and use that to put out false information. I thought the same until I read his whole statement.

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