FEMA Trailers Are Hazardous To Health


When you thought it could get no worse…a House science subcommittee recently released a report stating that FEMA lied about the exposure of toxins in its emergency trailers supplied to Hurricane Katrina and Rita survivors.  The lawmakers are alleging FEMA “ignored, hid and manipulated government research on the potential impact of long-term exposure to formaldehyde.”  They also presented documents alleging that CDC was “complicit in giving FEMA precisely what they wanted” in regards to suppressing the dangers that the formaldehyde posed in the trailers.  Scientist have reported that ANY exposure to the toxin over ANY amount of time is hazardous.  There are still 40,000 families still residing in FEMA trailers throughout America. For all of the alarming details CLICK HERE.         Props to Mahogany Girl for another dynamic lead.

Sound Off!!

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