Lil Jon Expands on Brand With Skaters & Surfers


 Yeaaaaaahhhhhhh!  ATL’s Crunk Ambassador Lil Jon expanded on his BME brand by adding pro skateboard icons Greg Lutzka and Ryan Sheckler to his BME roster along with surfer Travis Mellem, pro-snowboarders Danny Kass and DingoThe entire click showed up to the X Games in Aspen Colorado to show love to Kass as he competed.  They threw lavish parties and branded BME on any and everything in site.    

Lil Jon explains, “All of the BME Athletes came together for the preview of the BME Grenade Glove and to support Danny Kass! BME Click was everywhere, from kids rockin’ our bandanas and New Era hats, to athletes riding BME snowboards. It’s always good to be with family, and that’s what X-Games was.”

Yeaahh…For more on Jon’s corporate expansion CLICK HERE

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