The Ugly Facts About Bottled Water vs. Tap


Is nothing sacred anymore?  The controversy over bottled water has hit a new crescendo with this new study conducted by 20/20 that has proved what people have long feared…there is no difference between tap and bottled water!  Five brands were sent to a lab and compared to the filthiest tap on the planet, New York City faucet water.  Poland Spring, Iceland Spring, Aquafina, Evian and K-Mart distributed American Fare were compared and test results showed no difference between the Big Five and NY tap.  Then they conducted a blind taste test and tap fared better then some of the bigger brands.  They also dished the dirt on where these waters originate from since none of them are true to their brand.  Dasani and Aquafina are actually reprocessed tap water, and American Fare came out on top in the taste test.  Disturbing?  Read more by clicking HERE 

 Editor’s Note: You mean to tell me they had me paying $2 for bottled water this summer and that sh*t was tap!  Damn, these folks is trifling. 

Coke…Choice of a New Generation? Hollywood thinks so

For all of you drug flick enthusiasts Tinseltown will be sure to keep your head in a nod this year.  In light of the success Hollywood saw last year with American Gangster you can be expecting a slew of drug-themed flicks to be funneled down the pipeline  the ’08.  Since we got a successful depiction of one of the biggest dope peddlers (Frank Lucas) of our time up next is not one but two pieces dedicated to the Life and Times of Esco…no, not Nas stupid, Pablo Escobar, the godfather of all coke pushers.  The first flick, Escobar produced by Oliver Stone and directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) is based on the book Mi Hermano Pablo” by Roberto Escobar, Pablo’s brother.  The second flick, Killing Escobar is a biopic about the hunt to kill Escobar after his escape from jail.  This film hasn’t even gone into production yet and it is already claiming a piece of Hollywood history.  It is the first script to be offered online for download by its own director Joe Carnahan (Smokin’ Aces).  Get in on the fun by downloading HERE.  All of you aspiring actors need to download the script then upload a YouTube clip of your best Pablo impersonation.  It don’t stop there though, Mark Wahlberg has been tapped to depict Jon Roberts in the Hollywood adaption of last year’s critically acclaimed documentary Cocaine Cowboys.  Expect Escobar to drop first.    
Big up to Mahogany Girl for this post! 

Usher 2 Steps 4 Obama


Mulit-Platinum artist Usher is hitting the campaign stump for Presidential hopeful Barack Obama in a rally in Orangeburg, South Carolina. After losing  two-hotly contested primaries in New Hamphire and Nevada, Obama looks to get back on a winning streak with a win in South Carolina ,which has 50% black democratic voting block. With many black celebrities still on the fence as to who they support, it is good thing to see Usher make a public stand for who he is backing in this election. The question is whether his fellow NBA owner Bob Johnson(Charlotte Bobcats) will attend after making such an ass of himself earlier this week. More of this story @ CNN POLITICAL TICKER

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The Lex Coupe, Beamers & the Benz

America on the brink of recession? Well, someone forgot to tell the big spenders that flocked to Detroit to check out the future in automobiles.

 The 2008 International Auto Show is well underway in Detroit and the rides of the future have been unveiled.  Wanna see what will be taking over the streets of America in the ’08?  Before they pop up in your favorite video, get a glimpse at luxury on wheels here first.  Oh yeah, picture me rolling: 



You can drop the back on this Maybach Landaulet and leave the lid on the driver as you conquer the city streets in this modern day chariot.  For a modest sum of $1.5 million this could be you doggy!  



When all else fails, nothing turns heads like a Carolina  blue Lambo Murcielago. For $300 stacks this could be your best summer EVER! 


Want to shut down events from Corona to Barcelona?  Invest in this Powder Blue Ferrari  


The bell-ringer of the show was this drop top land yacht by Rolls Royce.  The Phantom DropHead is gaurenteed to turn heads.  In addition to the Rolls the European engineers are still cranking out top-notch Bentley’s.  You can be expecting to see Bentley’s galore as they’ve unveiled new GT’s, Brooklands and Azure’s!


More photo’s after the jump: 

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Phony $100 Bills Make Easy Change


Okay this story probably has a couple of you wondering how to get your hands on some of these phony, but almost identical hundred dollar bills that seem to be in heavy circulation.  The bills deemed super notes” seem to have some type of government connection due to the fact they contain the same cotton  and linen mix used in U.S. currency. Anybody got change of a hundred? More info at Cutthroatkids…

Sean Paul Tune Causes Seizure In Woman



Just when you thought the world couldn’t be any more bizarre.  A story out of the New York Post is reporting that a young woman recently had a tumor removed that was causing her to have seizures whenever she heard Sean Paul’s hit “Temperature.”  The reggae tune would trigger seizure like symptoms  in the Queens New York woman.  Her condition is so rare that she is one out of five people in the world afflicted with musicogenic epilepsy, according to her doctors at Long Island Jewish Hospital. The 24 year old, Stacy Gayle was clueless as to why she was having these bouts.

“As soon as the beat comes on, I don’t know what it is, it just triggers my seizure,” Gayle said.

“It’s like a weird sensation you get, like a tingling in your head. I smelled something funny, a weird smell.”

After locating the part of her brain that was playing host to the irregular activity, doctors went in and removed the tumor. Returned back to normal she can now enjoy all the Sean Paul she can download to her iPod. To read more of this weird story, CLICK HERE.

Editor’s Note: Since when did Sean Paul become a Hip Hop artist?  That is how the New York Post portrays him in this article.  You mean to tell me they don’t have editors that are capable of fact-checking?  Or does the connection to controversy make him eligible to be erroneously referred to as a “rap artist?”

Golfweek Hangs Editor Out to Dry


It what seems to be a story that seems to reveal the true feelings of the lily white and historically racist golfing community(remember Fuzzy Zoeller), Golfweek has axed the editor of its magazine after a very racist and insensitive cover on the next issue was to highlight the recent incident of a reporter stating that the young professional golfing community should“lynch” Tiger Woods if they were to have any success. This just goes back to the saying that no matter how successful you are whites will always look at you as being a second class citizen(i.e nigger)As always Tiger will remain quiet and not speak out until he finds himself in some sort of a scandal and needs the black community(i.e Micheal Jackson). Now where are the Bob Johnsons and Bill Cosbys when you need em? Full whitewash at Fox Sports…and ESPN

Oprah Gets Her Own Network


Not only is she one of the most successful , and trusted television personalities/businesswomen on this planet, Oprah Winfrey now adds network chaiman  to that vast list of accomplishments  that never seem to end. In a deal that appears to take place next year Oprah and Discovery Communications will launch OWN(Oprah Winfrey Network) which will encompass all things Oprah and be available in 68 million homes. Now all she has to do is get Obama elected!! Full story….

Oh No This Negro Didn’t! Hillary needs to muzzle her attack dogs!

When will the people say enough is enough?  The nerve of this ‘man of the clothe!’ How dare he polarize the “black”vote by suggesting that people exercising their god-given right to make their own decision regarding where they want to place support for their presidential candidate are in the “wrong” or disloyal?  Since when was it universally understood that “black” America would unanimously support Hill and Bill because they played political pandering to the old stogies of the Civil Rights era and the Plantation Overseers that play the pulpit every Sunday, charged with programming susceptible Negroes on how to do everything like as if everyone is “sheeple” instead of rational thinking human beings.  Shame on you.  But more trifling than anything is to suggest that just because Obama comes from a bi-racial background he is less qualified than a full blooded Caucasian woman from middle America.  Beware of racial politics this election year and the well greased Uncle Tom’s that have been bought and sold years ago precisely for a point in time like this. 

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Wu Killa Bees Swarm on NYC


The night of January 12th will forever go down in the annals of Hip Hop history as a packed NY crowd bore witness to the Return of the Wu.  The Hammerstein Ballroom played host to the New York leg of the 8 Diagrams Tour.  Minus the Abbot, the rest of the Clan arrived fashionably late to unleash an all-out assault on the restless concertgoers who were eagerly awaiting the Shaolin Swordsmen.  Greeted by the chants of “Wu Tang!” the Clansmen flooded the stage with a 50 man strong entourage and got right into the thick of things by running through some of their riotous classics like “Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta F’ Wit” and “Bring Da Ruckus.”  Method Man prowled the stage like a rabid pit-bull ready to attack, while Ghost floated from one end to another with the grace of a ghost.  His partner-in-rhyme Raekwon played his post sizing up the crowd, bottle of bubbly in hand while the man with the golden arms, U-God popped in and out to spit his bars.  Cappadonna traded verses with his brother Lounge Lo and Street Life played his part alongside MethGZA and Inspectah Deck held their own on a stage that was filled to the brim with Wu affiliates.  Whereas a packed stage would normally distract from other artist’s stage show the Wu is notoriously known for their swelling numbers and they work the energy exchange from their entourage and the crowd into their routine.  Method brought his A-Game with him this particular night, leaving nothing behind!  When he wasn’t stage diving he was giving top notch renditions of “M-E-T-H-O-D Man” “RockWilder” “Bring Da Pain” and “What The BloodClot.”  On his last joint instead of diving he actually stood on-top of the crowd, towering like a GOD while he nonchalantly spit his bars.  Rae & Ghost dug into their bag of hits and showered the crowd with “Criminology” “Incarcerated Scarfaces” and “Fish.”  GZA didn’t disappoint either as he served up “Liquid Swords” and the classical “4th Chamber.”  Unflammable.  Continue reading

Bob Attacks Barack for Hillary’s Civil Rights


Billionaire BET founder Bob Johnson attacked Barack Obama’s campaign’s credibility regarding Hilliary’s recent statements regarding Martin Luther King and questioned his previous stint as community organizer in Illinois. In what many are saying was an ‘ill advised speech,’ Bob stated he was insulted by the characterization by rival Barack Obama’s presidential campaign of her remarks about the civil rights movement.” This is ironic that Bob Johnson would come out questioning Barack knowing that he himself made tremendous amounts of money pushing what many consider to be stereotypical images, wanton misogyny, and disbanding the news division including firing Tavis SmileyWay to go Bob!! Full story

Bad Boy Still Bottle Poppin With Block Ent


In response to the rampant rumors that have been circulating around the net about Bad Boy severing ties with Block Entertainment, the home of Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe and Boyz N Da HoodBad Boy released this statement: 


“Contrary to reports Block Enterprises has not been dropped by Bad Boy South/ Atlantic. We continue a fantastic partnership with Russell “Block” Spencer and his amazing roster of artists including Boyz N Da Hood, Gorilla Zoe and Grammy nominated Yung Joc. We look forward to a continued relationship and more great music from the label in ’08

50 & Others Named In Juicing Probe


G-Unit frontman 50 Cent, R&B Siren Mary J. Blige and Super Producer Timbaland have been named in a probe of possible steriod/human growth hormone users.  While details remain sketchy it is being reported that the superstar’s names have popped up in the year-long investigation launced by Albany DA P. David Soares into the use of steriods in the sports entertainment world.  After some big snares namely in the world of baseball, sights have been set on the music entertainment industry.  Wyclef Jean and movie maker Tyler Perry have also been named in the investigation.  The criminal aspect of the investigation is being limited to the pharmacists, clincs and doctors who allegedly provided the substance.  None of the stars named in the investigation are in jeapordy of being charged with anything, in fact US Senator Charles Schumer has just introduced legislation that would make possession of these substances illegal.  Stay tuned for development as this story takes shape and CLICK HERE for the full article

Update: For a detailed description of the proof the Albany DA has against these stars CLICK HERE to read more.  It appears some of them had drugs sent to their place of residence addressed to them, others used pseudonyms like Michael Jordan and Marlo Stanfield from The Wire.

Live Nation Pulls the Plug on TicketMaster



In its quest to rival the existing model of the music business Live Nation will be severing ties with Ticketmaster in 2009 to form their own ticketing service. Once this move is finalized Live Nation will be able to provide artists with complete services inclusive of merchandising, distribution, concert ticketing, venue placement and marketing of a product or an event. So not only will they be able to record an artist of the magnitude of a Madonna but they will be able to distribute her material, set her up for touring in their venues or venues they are affiliated with, merchandise her product to the concert-goers and make money off ticketing. Once an artist is properly positioned and sent through the Live Nation machine they won’t need the help of a major label anymore, or at least that is what they’re betting on. Below is an excerpt from the original article provided by the homies over at

“We will have a fully operational new ticketing company and reach a new milestone in this journey,” Live Nation Chief Executive Michael Rapino said on a conference call. “We expect to sell more than 20 million tickets annually.”

Ticketmaster said in August it had not been able to negotiate a new long-term agreement with Live Nation, its largest client, which generated about 15 to 20 percent of Ticketmaster revenue. Their deal expires at the end of 2008.

Live Nation is estimating it will pull in an additional $7.3 million in 2009 and roughly $17 million the following year. To read the FULL ARTICLE CLICK HERE.

Magic Johnson Reveals the Magic Behind His Billionaire Drive

Shout outs to the homies over at Corporate Takeover that posted this clip of Magic Johnson describing his expansive empire.  By the looks of things, in a year or two Oprah Winfrey and Bob Johnson won’t be the only “black” Billionaires in America.  Magic is $100 milly away from a billy thanks to a diverse portfolio that includes 6 of his signature AMC Magic Johnson  theaters, 31 Burger King franchises, 12 24-Hour Fitness centers, 27 Washington Mutual Loan centers and a whopping 103 Starbucks cafes.  The $900 million man throws out some gems for those on a quest for a corporate takeover.   

MJ Drops the 23rd Edition of His Air Jordans

To all my sneaker fanatics the 23rd edition of possibly the world’s most famous sneaker, the Air Jordan is being prepped for release on the 25th of January.  This shoe is said to be the most innovative sneaker on the planet, as close to a “green” shoe as you can get.  The first color scheme will be white, titanium and university blue and there will only be 23 pairs sent to the top 23 Jordan accounts amounted to a total of 529 pairs in production priced at $230.  Outside of the states only 529 pair will be produced officially making this the most coveted, exclusive collective pair of J’s you can even get your paws on.  There will be many more versions of the AJXX3 debuting at a later date, possibly carrying the brand through the rest of the year.   


 These joints will be dropping on February 16th in time for the 2008 NBA All Star Game


Sneaker Cult’s Temples of Worship


One of the most powerful sub-cultures in New York is the emerging sneaker scene.  Closely intertwined with the street wear scene the Cult of Sneaker Head’s worship in some of the most sacred shopping temples in New York, the Mecca of the Sneaker Cult.  Below we have linked you to New York magazine’s listing of some of these sacred temples.  You are now in the know.  CLICK HERE FOR LISTING

Soulja Boy Tells Em…Sets Digital Download Record


We’ve told you before and we’ll tell you again, like it or not Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em is the future model of what a Hip Hop artist will be in the new “digital” age.  Soulja Boy, commonly referred to as the poster boy for the “ringtone” artist has just carved his own lane and claimed his own piece of history in the genre.  He is the first artist in history to hit 3 million downloads of his hit single “Crank That.”  In this single-driven industry records are being set in the digital realm as opposed to physical sales where CD sales are lagging.  This year Soulja Boy is joined by Flo-Rida who set his own record at 470,000 downloads in one week!  The 17 year old YouTube phenom is leading the pack of new artists of 2007 with album sales peaking in at around 700,000 to also claim the title of the best of the new school.  He has utilized the internet to not only get a deal but to spawn a dancing sensation that converted soccermoms into Soulja Boy clones.  So to reiterate the lesson that is being taught by the new model versus the old model, people are still tuning in and listening to music, they just aren’t buying CD’s.  Everyone has iPod’s goddammit!  Why do labels think iTunes is selling billions of downloads? Duh! Yooouuuuuuuuu!

Birthplace of Hip Hop In Jeopardy


On January 15, residents of 1520 Sedwick Avenue will be putting in a bid to own piece of Hip Hop history.  The building located at the same address is historically recognized as the birthplace of Hip Hop, the very first place (in the community center) that Kool Herc perfected his DJing techniques that would lay the groundwork for what became the billion dollar grossing art form known as Hip Hop.  The 100-person unit is in jeopardy of being converted into a privately owned development, effectively removing it from affordable housing status.  As tenants await for its status to be certified by the National Register of Historic Places the prospective client that was looking into buying the building is allowing the tenants to make a last minute bid.  The building is also one of the last affordable housing complexes in the South Bronx founded under the NY State Mitchell-Lama program.  The tenants plan on being joined by Kool Herc, Senator Charles Schumer as they lay out their bid for ownership for the historic edifice.  

Editor’s Note: The irony is that the very conditions that gave birth to Hip Hop are now threatening its very birthplace.  I guess its true what they say, the more things change the more they stay the same.  

Rick Ross Da Boss & BirdMan Collabin’ On Joint Project



When he’s not anticipating putting up monster Billboard numbers with his sophomore Def Jam release Trilla, Rick Ross is contemplating a full-length collaboration album with The Numba One Stunna Baby “BirdMan” Jr.  The Cash Money frontman plans to hit the lab with the Carol City Chemist to cook up that unadulterated raw that they’ve been able to capture on some of last years bigger crew cuts, usually helmed by DJ Khaled and ending with “We The Best!” The big homie Ross had this to say to HipHopDX: 

“Me and Birdman are working on an album and a movie at the same time,” Ross told HipHopDX yesterday from his traveling tour bus. “We just feed the streets. Me being a fan of the hustle – the grind, [Birdman and I] have the same attitude and hunger coming from streets. He feels the same about me, you already know. We just went in the studio for the hood.”    

Expect them to be serving this “cookup” sometime towards the ending of the year. For the original POST CLICK HERE

Big Boi Doing Big Thangs…and Ballet


In the days of dwindling Hip Hop sales artist’s are continuously looking for ways to branch out and diversify their brand.  Outkast are no new comers to exploring new territory (remember Idlewild?) and Big Boi is leaving no rock unturned.  While Andre 3000 is sewing his oats in Hollywood, Big Boi will be taking part in an Atlanta production utilizing ballet and a live band set to the soundtrack of Outkast’s catalog.  The production named “Big” will feature Big Boi exploring the American Dream or “the lack thereof.”  The production will be running for six dates starting April 10th at the Fox Theatre.  Speaking on the venture, Big Boi commented to Spin Magazine that,  

“I’ve dated a couple of ballerinas. But I was like, ‘That sounds kind of dope – let’s crank it up.'”

Depending on the success of the run, European dates may be added to the Atlanta based production.  For more of this story CLICK HERE.

European Union Uses Hip Hop as a Second Language


This year in Hip Hop there are two trends that will (continue to) redefine the face of the game as we know it. Hip Hop will continue to go digital and become the voice of the voiceless globally. The international Hip Hop movement will emerge and force the world to listen to it’s cries. Not only do they want in, but their governments seem to support their push to be heard Case in point, the EU (European Union) has designated 10 million euros to create diversity programs to educate their melting pot population about the many culture’s that make up its populace. The campaign called The Year of Intercultural Dialogue will fund and finance students to make one-minute films about their culture and to use Hip Hop as a tool to bridge cultures. A proponent of the program, novelist Paulo Coelho said,

“I believe that music and art and literature are what can help us find that harmony and common language.”

To get more of this story CLICK HERE

CIA Plane Crashes!!(Filled With 4 TONS of Coke)


It seems our friends(yeah right) at the CIA have a bit  of a mess on their hands. It seems one of their planes crashed and was revealed to have 3 Tons of hard white (cocaine) contained within its compartments. Full conspiracy theory at The Yupp Lounge.  And in further news coming out of Guantanamo Bay the ACLU is celebrating the sixth year that prisoner’s have been detained on the island and designated as “detainees” by voicing renewed calls to shut down the prison because of questionable tactics that have been taking place there.  CLICK HERE for full details.     

Beans Becomes State Property for One Day


The Broad Street Bully Beanie Sigel was promptly imprisoned for one day following his second probation violation. Sigel well also have to sweat it out in a halfway house for six months as well as see his probation get extended by 18 months.  Bean’s can be heard on Whoo Kid’s radio show the other day boasting that he was laying low in anticipation of his probation finishing up in weeks.  The judge is citing an unauthorized trip to Atlantic City and association with a felon as grounds upon which he is violating the Philly rapper.  The 33 year old Roc-a-Fella artist could’ve recieved up to three to nine months in prison for the violation.  The judge acknowledged Beans recent community work that was done alongside Bill Cosby recently, but added “If they’re looking at you as a role model, you’ve got to do the right thing,” according to U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick.  For more on these breaking developments CLICK HERE

Editor’s Note: All of this comes on the heels of Beans putting up lackluster numbers for his latest effort, The Solution that Beans claims was under promoted. His stint in a halfway house effectively minimizes any chance Beans had of promoting his album and blowing life back into the project.  

Benzino Has the Last Laugh


Big ups to the homie Mahogany Girl over at MahoganyGirl.blogspot for getting her mittens around another exclusive story.  She got the much-anticipated response from Ray Benzino and Dave Mays to the firing of XXL’s Former HNIC Elliot Wilson.  Below are some excerpts from the hilarious post:  

“Karma is a muthafucka!!!…The little bitch should have been let go yearsago if you ask me… When I heard about this I thought itwas beautiful…He (Elliot Wilson) doesn’t represent Hip Hop orthe culture anyway. XXL and all the editors over there are justa copy cat of The Source and now them, Source and Vibe arefeeling the fucking pinch….Now Yellow Nigga can go get a jobsucking fucking Jimmy Iovine since that’s what he wasdoing anyway…G Unit is over and so is Elliot. If I seehim in the streets I’ma put a foot in his ass..I’ma do that for Hip Hop…”

Damn, and they say revenge is a dish best served cold.  And what better time to mention that the Dynamic Duo of Ray and Mays have a new magazine coming out next month called MONSTA.  For the rest of this post CLICK HERE

The Rap on Hollywood ’08


The homies over at DefSounds have a blog about all the upcoming movies of the ’08 that feature rappers. Now all of a sudden rappers in movies is a hot topic being that one of the world’s most lovable rapper’s helmed the biggest movie of last year, that would be Will Smith in I AM Legend, thank you. And yeah, we still consider Big Willie Hip Hop!


Editor’s Note: I noticed they left out Mos Def and his upcoming flick with Jack Black, Be Kind Rewind. Mos has also been billed to star in Next Day Air alongside Lauren London, Mike Epps and Donald Fasion. The flick centers around the delivery of bricks of cocaine to the wrong recipients and the pursuit that ensues. And another shout out to the homie Clyde over at ProHipHop who brought to our attention that Woohah has been running a series about the hottest Hollywood rumors dealing with possible roles for Common in the Justice League movie, possibly the lead Green Lantern and a certified role in the upcoming Angelina Jolie flick Wanted as well as the Night Watchman with Keanu Reeves. Also in production is Vapors a movie based on the Juice Crew. And let us not forget the homie Method Man in Meet The Spartans.

Is Def Jam Tumbling Down?


The latest news churning out of the rumor mills reportedly has Def Jam in the hole for $100 mil.  The founding Hip Hop label is experiencing financial woes reportedly after a lackluster year in sales under the helm of former president Shawn Carter. The rumor, leaked by Mahogany Girl of MahoganyGirl.blogspot said and I quote,  

The insider says Def Jam needs some BIG selling records ASAP to start decreasing the labels debt.Bottom line? Rick Ross better do some TRILLA numbers

If this news comes out to hold some truth then the pundits will line up on either side of the fence with some saying Jay is a genius because he left before the “Building came tumbling down” while other will attribute the hard times to Jay’s mismanagement of the House that Russell built and the expenditure of the majority of the marketing budget for projects that never really gained legs and took off like Clark Kent.

Editor’s Note: Either way they got a sale from me when Nas drops.

Here’s What They Think About You


In our neverending quest to bring you the most exciting, entertaining news floating around in Cyberspace we often bump into sites that offer up insight into how the rest of the world views Hip Hop.  As of lately it seems that the pundits were patiently laying in wait, counting on the demise of the genre then comes the pile on.  It kind of reminds me of the media’s relationship with Hillary, when it forecasted that she was gonna loose big.  They no longer were indebted to holding their true feelings back.  It became in style to let her have it.  Well, the same can be said for Hip Hop, which is being viewed as an artform in its last days.  Peep the following excerpts below to get a glimpse of how they think about you: 

Hip hop may be too tied to old models, such as the reliance on hefty advances, to adapt to the changing times. Artists’ need to prove to their communities and others, through over-the-top displays of conspicuous consumption, their value and success, before a significant number of CDs have been sold, may complicate any possible comeback.  And regarding the music itself: when the genre went South to tap into a new talent pool, so did hip hop. Out went thoughtful, although sometimes angry, reflections on place and time, and in came thoughtless glorification of excesses of all kinds. Should we have expected something more from members of an under or uneducated populace? Probably not. All the “grinding” in the world is no substitute for education and intellect. And this observation comes from a woman who lived and taught in the South for nearly six years.  So, get out your best black outfit and let the mourning begin for the genre that once ruled the world. Yes, hip hop is dead. The cause: creative suicide.

To get the full rundown on what’s being said about Hip Hop CLICK HERE

To read the original thread from The New York Times CLICK HERE 

Verizon Wireless Partners With Hip Hop Official


Deals continue to get made out at the 2008 International CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Vegas with Verizon announcing that they’re bringing GoTV Networks’ original programming Hip Hop Official to the V CAST Video platform.  The wireless network provider is partnering with GoTV to bring up-to-date breaking news and reviews, fashion updates, technology and gaming info straight to subscriber’s phones.  GoTV released this statement about their historic partnership with Verizon Wireless:

 “We are pleased to bring Hip Hop Official to V CAST Video subscribers,”said Daniel Tibbets, executive vice president and studio chief for GoTVNetworks. “Whether it’s discovering new artists or finding out what’s hot onthe charts, if it’s hip-hop, it’s on Hip Hop Official.”

To get more info on this story CLICK HERE

Cube Revolutionizes Online TV


(Shout out to the homies @ RealTalkNY who originally posted this story) 

Hip hop icon, entertainment mogul Ice Cube and legendary DJ Pooh announced today the launch of the world’s first real-time streaming television network online, (U View Network Television).  UVNTV revolutionizes television with delivery via the Internet utilizing Microsoft Corps’s groundbreaking Silverlight 1.0 platform, a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering richer user experiences on the Web. Through UVNTV’s patent pending database, UVNTV rivals cable and satellite television. Beyond real-time transmission (the first on the net) UVNTV’s channels are capable of full screen DVD quality resolution, Dolby surround sound and comes complete with a channel guide with video window.

“We didn’t just want to be providers of a product. We wanted to be a full-blown network. I think we’re going to have programming that’s way more interesting than what you can see on your daily television or even YouTube” according to Ice Cube.     

More info below…


Son of French Prez is Closet Producer


In a scene straight out of CB4, it has just been confirmed that the son of anti-Hip Hop French President Nicolas Sarkozy is a closet producer.  The hardliner Sarkozy railed against  French rappers when he was Interior Minister, going as far to bringing cases against the group La Rumeur for their rants against police.  And just like the over eager politician in CB4, Sarkozy was a defender sanitized suburban living, which brought him into conflict with Hip Hop which has traditionally been the voice of the poor and oppressed.  His son, Pierre who goes by the rap name “Mosey” has crafted sounds for his group Da Crime Chantilly.  He even has credits listed for producing a song for David Banner.  Peep this hilarious exchange between Pierre and a rapper name Poison that he ended up producing for: 

“I have known him for five years,” “Poison” was quoted as saying. “I met him at a party. When I heard (who he was), I lost it, I called him. He told me: ‘Poison, I did not want to tell you, you would not have wanted to hang out with me’.”  

Ha, you can check my dude Mosey over at his Myspace page by clicking HEREFor more on this hilarious story CLICK HERE 

Nate Dogg Recovers From Stroke


It has been brought to our attention by that the former King of Hooks, Nate Dogg was hospitalized last month with stroke related symptoms.  Circulating speculation had it reported as a heart attack, but members of Nate’s gospel group Innate Praise have confirmed it was symptoms of a stroke that landed the R&B crooner in the hospital for seven days, starting on Dec. 19th.  Let us all pray that Nate recovers fully and gets his title back from T-Pain, who currently has the game of R&B hooks in the figure four.    

Lethal Injection-The Debate Rages On


The debate rages on about whether lethal injection is legal and/or violates the 8th Amendment. Inmates and Lawyers across the country are challenging this hot-button issue that seems to cause great debate on both sides of the issues. Recent reports have surfaced that the process of lethal injection is sometimes flawed and  recipents endured a long and painful death, instead of a quick exit. Check out a detailed article from a reporter actually witnessing an execution.

Nas Graces XXL’s 100th Issue


Last year this time Nas was putting Hip Hop in an early grave with his release of Hip Hop Is Dead. Now a year later he is back doubling his duties as the grim reaper by gracing the cover of XXL’s 100th issue, a commemorative milestone issue not only because they’ve broke the century mark but also this is the last issue being helm by Senor Elliot Wilson.  Let us all have a moment of silence… On a lighter note make sure you download that exclusive NAS concert brought to by none other than STREET KNOWLEDGE!

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Editor’s Note: This joint ain’t even drop yet and its already a collector’s item!