The Politricks of Politics- A Street Knowledge Editorial


On the eve of the Year of the Rat, I smell a rat.  I can’t help but notice the systematic blackout of the “surge” being waged by Camp Obama.  The same media outlets who claim that Democrats are ignoring the Bush Administrations success in their Iraqi surge, have decided to stop reporting on the historic, monumental advancements of the Obama campaign.  In less than a week Obama has closed the gap on Hillary Clinton to become tied in some polls and in others he has taken the lead but news reports not only neglect to report this but they have spun the story to read that Hillary has caught up to him as if she was the one trailing!  Now I can’t help but note had this been a white candidate there would have been a teleprompter interrupting the Super Bowl to chat up the sportsmanlike comparisons of such a formidable opponent as Barack Obama and the obvious comparisons to the underdog Giants coming from behind to rattle the crowd favorite Patriots.  And just like the pundits seemed to have count all of their eggs before they hatched in regards to the Patriots taking it home they seem to have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar in regards to Hillary taking the Big Game.  Now Big Media doesn’t seem to know how to handle the spectacle of Obama possibly stealing the nomination.  After Tuesday’s landslide South Carolina victory, it was predicted that Hillary had a 25-40% lead on Obama.  Not only does the USA Today, Wall Street Journal & The Suffolk University poll have Obama ahead but he acquired endorsements from Caroline Kennedy, Ted Kennedy,, Stevie Wonder, Maria Shriver and La Opinion, the country’s largest Spanish newspaper.  The talking heads said in order to contend on Super Tuesday in markets like California where the Hispanic populace holds the keys to victory he would need something gigantic like this.  Well, after pulling it off you would think this would be front page news wouldn’t you?  Nope.  What began as a love affair is now turning into a public grimace as the Media realizes there may be a possibility of one of politics major upsets.  Is it racism, favoritism, elitism?  Irregardless of the outcome, it remains incumbent upon the news to report the entirety of the story through a fair and balanced lens.  When they start doing the opposite in the eyes of the public then they no longer serve the public’s interests and they should be replaced or erased.  Turn off channel zero!

3 thoughts on “The Politricks of Politics- A Street Knowledge Editorial

  1. We agree Paul, it’s wall to wall propaganda as far as I’m concerned but clear-cut biased coverage shouldn’t be tolerated especially when these networks trump themselves as the reservoir for knowledge that everyone drinks from so we had to put them on blast.

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