The Game Headed to the Bing for 4 Months


According to SOHH.COM in the upcoming debut issue of Monsta magazine the big homie Game will be revealing that he plans to cop out to a felony charge of possession of a weapon stemming from a fight he had last year while playing ball.  Apparently he is facing four months instead of the five years he could’ve recieved if found guilty.  He had this to say in defense of the sudden cop-out:

“The crazy part about this is that I’ve had guns before in my life,” he explained. “But this time I didn’t have a gun. And because one person said I had a gun and coaxed his homies into saying that I had a gun, I’m in a predicament where I’m asking, Do I want to spend another million dollars to fight this trial so who knows what jury’s gonna come in and say I’m guilty? Or do I want to save my money, go sit down for four months and accept this felony they’re trying to give me for no reason?”

For the full story click HERE

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