Sean Bell’s Wife Lets It Be Known She Will Not Lose…


On the eve the Sean Bell murder trial, slated to go to a bench trial starting Monday Feb. 25, the wife of Bell is coming under fire by the President of the Detectives Endowment Association who is accusing her of exploiting the tragedy by agreeing to become a paid spokesmodel for Rocawear’s “I Will Not Loose” Campaign. Nicole Paultre-Bell will appear in the ad with her two daughters, Jada, 5 and Jordan, 1 and embody the spirit of resilience, hence the theme “I Will Not Loose.” Michael Palladino is saying she is prejudicing the jury pool, even thought the trial will be heard before a judge. Apparently the police take exception with Nicole using Hip Hop as a platform to voice her resolve, especially during this most trying time, when she seeks justice for her fallen husband. Note to Palladino; this is what Hip Hop is at its essence, the “CNN” of the hood and the campaign being spearheaded by Jay-Z’s Rocawear is highlighting those who use any and every means to gain victory in adversity. Above the photo reads “We are going to be here to the end, ’til justice is served.” Jamal Spencer, the chief marketing officer over at Rocawear says this campaign fits Nicole’s plight perfectly and the company seems to be sticking by their decision.

“Nicole, she really embodies the overall spirit of that. She’s someone who’s suffered a great loss. When that happens, you want to curl up in a ball and die. That’s a tough thing. The day you’re supposed to get married and something horrible happens.”

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One thought on “Sean Bell’s Wife Lets It Be Known She Will Not Lose…


    There’s a new Myspace page with a song titled “50 Bullets” about the killing of Sean Bell. The artist known as “Yardmon” says that the shooting was “a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. For just like Romeo and Juliet, this young couple and their infant child were victims of society’s contentions.” While the song’s theme is taken from the title, the message of the song is that the world should unite against hate. The artist states that the song is not political, but personal since he has experienced what police brutality is like first hand. The public is invited to visit the Myspace page (

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