Dr. Dre Develops Line of Beverages

Source: SOHH
Dr. Dre will be mixing more than tracks thanks to the latest venture he’s signed on to endorse. In conjunction with Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd Dre has assumed responsibility to market and develop his own signature line of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. According to J. Patrick Kenny, President & CEO of Drinks Americas said, “We are thrilled to be working with Dr. Dre, a true icon, as an owner and our partner in brands that will reflect his tastes and personality. Unlike hiring a celebrity to help grow an existing brand, Dr. Dre is an equity owner of the brands and will be involved as our partner at every stage of the process.” Only in Hip Hop can you endorse an alcoholic beverage while the world awaits the release of the long awaited album “Detox.” Ah, gotta love the irony. In addition to this new venture Dre has also signed on this year to endorse his own line of heaphones via a deal with Monster and he has partnered with New Line Cinema to form his own film company called Crucial Films.

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