Flav Looking For Tracks to Sprinkle Some Flavor On


The Return of Flavor Flav season is in full swing over at VH1. In conjunction with his new show, which debuted earlier this month, the good folks over at VH1 are extending an opportunity for producers to submit what will become the next track Flav will be rapping on. Tracks should be submitted to FlavorOfLoveWorld.com by March 13 and Flav will pick three finalist out of the lot. Fans via online voting on April 1 will pick the best of the three producers. The contest is open to residents of the United States who are 18 years and older. This contest is reminiscent of VH1’s “The Score” which was a tie in to “VH1’s Hip Hop Honor.” The contest allowed participants to enter original tracks that would be used to scored the hit awards show. Apparently both contests are part of a bigger initiative rolled out by MTV Networks called “Addicted To Noise.” More details on this platform will be available shortly.

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