Andre 3000 Returns To Finale of The Shield


Source: SOHH 

Rapper/actor Andre 3000 will reprise his role on the hit FX drama “The Shield” this summer, as his character hits the campaign trail.

In 2004, the multitalented entertainer (nee Andre Benjamin) played the owner of a comic book store who took matters into his own hands as drug dealers and prostitutes overtaking his neighborhood. Now, Benjamin’s character will be running for mayor in the season’s last episode.

“I’m actually playing a guy running for mayor in the show finale,” he told “My character was first introduced years ago in a small role.”

This will be the seventh and final season of “The Shield.”

As SOHH previously reported, Benjamin is also set to co-star with Will Ferrell and Woody Harrelson in Semi-Pro, a basketball comedy set in 1976 about a down-on-their-luck team in the ABA, the less refined counterpart to the NBA. The film comes out this Friday, Feb. 29.

Even with all his acting roles, the OutKast member and solo musician (he released the soundtrack to his cartoon series, “Class of 3000,” last summer) said he hasn’t forgot about music.

“The thing is that I still do music,” he said. “There is this misconception that I have stopped doing music to do film. The thing is that there is more opportunity to do film. With music, even if you didn’t know OutKast’s history, we usually take two years before every album. It just takes that much time to conjure up something or go through experiences to build up something to write about; but during that time, you get a lot of scripts. I get ten scripts a month to see what’s good. It’s either the film or the character.”

“The difference is that someone else is writing it and I’m showing up to perform it,” he added. “With my music, it’s more of a personal thing. I’m the writer, director, and all of that. It takes time for me to do it all.”

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