Weezy Advised To Lay Off the Syrup


Courtesy: MTVNews

Lil Wayne’s Styrofoam cup is practically the elephant in the room. Journalists and fans alike have speculated about just what Weezy is downing every time we see him in public with one of those cups. They know full well that Wayne has thrown us plenty of hints through his verses. “I like my Sprite Easter-pink,” he rapped on DJ Khaled’s “We Takin’ Over.” More pointedly, he declared “weed and syrup till I die” on “Duffle Bag Boy,” a collaboration with Atlanta’s Playaz Circle. On Sunday night, during a concert in Newark, New Jersey, Wayne explained to the audience that sipping syrup – a combination made up chiefly of promethazine and codeine, which is supposed to be prescribed by doctors for severe colds and pneumonia – is a part of the culture in the South (although Philadelphia is also notorious for syrup). He also talked about how he gets flak for it.


“I’ve been criticized for the things I chose and things I’ve chosen to do,” he said at the show. “What I tell ’em?” The sample from “I Feel Like Dying” kicked in, and a shirtless Wayne shook his dreads as thousands of fans sang along. “If you do what the f— you wanna do, say yeah!” he yelled.Wayne has said he’s been hearing about how he needs to cut back on syrup more than ever in the wake of Pimp C’s death in December. The UGK member’s death was ruled accidental and due to a deadly combination of syrup and his sleep-apnea condition. Pimp was the most prominent name in the hip-hop community to have a syrup-related death, although Houston MC Big Moe and the legendary DJ Screw have also had their untimely passings tied to syrup consumption. Pimp’s partner Bun B recently went public and called the popularity of syrup – also known as “lean,” “Texas tea” and “drank” – in the South an “epidemic” and said anyone who uses it may want to take a long look at themselves.”No, he hasn’t talked to me,” said Wayne, sitting in his tour bus in his native New Orleans, about Bun, a longstanding friend of the Cash Money Millionaires family. “But I’m going through that same sh– with my friends, with my mom. Everybody wants me to stop all this and all that. It ain’t that easy.”Weezy said he can’t just quit cold turkey.”Do your history, do your research,” he vented. “It ain’t that easy – feels like death in your stomach when you stop doing that sh–. You gotta learn how to stop, you gotta go through detox. You gotta do all kinds of stuff. Like I said, I’m a selfish-ass n—a. I feel like everything I do is successful and productive. It’s gonna be hard to tell me I’m slipping. It’s hard to sit and tell a n—a ‘Stop.’ ‘F—, how can we tell this n—a to stop when every f—ing thing he do is successful? This n—a is making progress. He just went and talked to kids and that sh– was amazing.’ Feel me? So what am I doing wrong?”Let me do me. Everybody’s got their thing,” he continued with frustration. “Why focus on me? Don’t compare me to no one. Don’t compare me to no one who has passed, and why they passed. I can walk out this b—h right now and get hit by a bus. Don’t judge me. You wanna judge me, put on a black gown and get a gavel. Get in line with the rest of them that’s about to judge me. I got court dates every other month. It’s me against the world – that’s how I feel.”Wayne’s disappointment, especially with the way he’s been getting frowned upon by the people closest to him, has been festering for weeks. He says his folks – both his inner circle and his associates – have been telling him to chill ever since he got arrested in Yuma, Arizona, on weapons and drug charges – charges he has steadfastly denied. (He also said one of the few positive phone calls he got after the arrest was from Mary J. Blige.) As he sat on the bus and contemplated, he said that apart from music, he really has no sanctuary.”I don’t escape. I don’t,” he said coldly, looking out the window with a thousand-yard stare. “I’m too shelled-in by it. It’s in my own circle. Everybody around here be looking down. I deal with it. … I never been one to run. I stand there and take it and throw it right back at them b—hes. That’s’ always been my game.”Admittedly, the negative opinions about the controversy surrounding him has added fuel to his fire, both in and out of the studio. However, even the “Fireman” says he can explode after awhile.”It’s inspiring me, but I’mma tell them now they better stop,” he warned. ” ‘Cause they [are trying to] push me off the edge. If I jump, I’m taking the world with me. That’s my word.”

35 thoughts on “Weezy Advised To Lay Off the Syrup

  1. This is a message to Lil Wayne. This is Phyllis Montana-Leblanc from New Orleans and featured in Spike Lee’s HBO Documentary; “When the Levees Broke.” If you are having a problem with addiction, get yourself some help. You’ve come to far to go out like that man. Those who are about you and your help will want you to do better. God gave you a gift, don’t lose it to the evils of this world who want to see you die that way. It’s hard to get off of addictions but it’s possible. I hope you did quit but sometimes we need help. Support to you from me. Mrs.Phyllis Montana-Leblanc.

  2. wayne man u gotta a lots of fans out there. no wat fuck the fans. u got a lots of ppl that LOVE u out there man. honestly u got it all man. u got so much money u cant even spend it all, i wish i had that man. i’m fuckin poor dog ya no.jus have fun wit the money u got but gradually stop all the lean u doin. weed is OKIE i guess. but look at it u came all the way to the TOP to FALL. when is the first time u did COCAINE, WEED, and LEAN? i jus wanna no.

  3. Opioid addiction is basically the same thing as heroin addiction.

    Weezy is right man, he needs help and detox. but if it makes him happy and he’s gettin up with it, … go for it weezy

  4. Have we all lost our minds? HAVE WE? Lil Wayne is on a successful path bt lets take a look at what hes doing, killing himself. I am a big fan of lil weezy but a greater fan of common sense. Every event we see him attending he got that cup in his hands! I can understand where hes coming from when he says dont worry bout me cuz tha man probably get a thousand calls, emails, fan-mails, etc. asking him to stop but the mindframe of lil wayne has switched 3 years ago he wasnt talkin about syrup and all of this he was making good music and being productive. Lil wayne is just making a show and now that he is the self proclaimed best rapper alive, what can u tell this man? He has topped his profession in the short time of 3 years. Of course hes not gonna listen. In my opinion, hes acting like a brat and if he aint scared of dying then kudos to him. He aint gonna stop he feel untouchable so let him live but when he dies, apart of hip-hop will also leave with him. Maybe that will be a good thing, cuz all weezy does is promote the working middle class to do what the fuck they want to do and give the middle fingers to any and all authority but hey, that nigga is the shit right?

  5. What up son? yah get that syrup son, do you son, be real son, son, everyone else get off him son, he’s just bein’ real son, if he weren’t famous son, would you even know he was leanin son? probably not son, so son, leave alone B and let me do my thang, cuz i’m up in the studio, me and my drank… will somebody please double cup me? one more ounce will make me feel so great, wait, now i can’t feel my face… son

  6. yo weezy, weed all day you are d best, i weed all ferking day, and drink syrup.so fuck d wrodl, dis is da best life, smoke weed , drink syrup, fuck bitsches. get fucked and over again

  7. Lil’ Wayne is a bitch and is gonna go out like all the rest of the stupid ass bitches. Good riddance.


  9. hold on… weezy iz the best right now, i mean he’s been my favorite rapper for a long time now and i dont wanna c dat nigga die.dont sip surp. smoke weed. cmon now yo flow is so fkin gud u will b up there wit pac,big,L,Nas,Eazy,jay, and all of them. u nd jay r the oly two living legends when it comes to straight up lyrics and flow, dont kill urself ma nigga.so u get forgotten like people forgot bout ma niggaz pac,big,nd Ez(RIP). live longer, make more music and wen u retire sip all da SYRUP U WANT CUZ IF U DIE NOW THESE ASSHOLES AINRT GON REMEMBER U. MAKE HISTORY,DEN MAKE LEAN, BUT IF U DO DIE WEEZY SOMEONE’S gonna take the thrown, dont let em do it, cant nobody do it like weezy do it nigga. and i wanna get on a track wit this nigga too cuz if he die b-4 i do, imma start sippin surp

  10. omg lil wayna u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo peng
    lurvvvvv u mwah

  11. mrs.carter you cant spell and im the real mr.carter but anyway wayne is thebeat rapper alive he was not making that up trust and believe !!!!!!!!!!!”(all mi kicks fly like luke cain)”_wayne

  12. Lil’Wayne knows what he’s doing,its been in history about mufuckas dyin off codeine,he aint scared of death,n feels god can only judge him,well as long as gods on his side he aint got nuthing to worry about

  13. I Smoke Weed Almost Every Fucking Day, I Play Sports Also. I One Of The Best In My School. I Sip Lean And Get Really Fucked Up. So What, Let Me Live My One Life That I Have. Michael Jordan Smoked Weed And Look Where He Was!! The NBA…Lean Is More Serious But O We’ll Let Niggas Do What They Want To Do. Lil Wayne Is The Fucking President If You Ask Me. Fuck Bush And Fuck The Worlds Comments! I Smoke, Drink, Lean, And Other Stuff…Im Perfectly Fine. But Just Like Lil Wayne Said Dont Judge Me Until You Meet Me, And You Know When Where Gonna Meet? Never!!!!!

  14. I love lil wayne and thats my nigga he know’s he’s the best and he knows he’s slowly killing himself i agree with him on doing what he wants because I DO basically WHAT I WANT
    also but this is serious he can die,i’ve sippes syrup a few times and that shit makes ya feel good and i see where he’s coming from but weezy please slow down JUSTT ALITTLE bit PLZ cuz if you would die then idk what i would do

  15. Weezy goes harder than any other out there. We all sipp on that sizzurpp. Dont expect him to STOP “cold turkey”.
    FUCK the haters theirs a reason hes called ” THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE”

    he’s Ill.

    ima pill poppin animal, syurp sippin n****.


  17. i dnt care wut he do hes still my baby, so yall dnt worry wut da fuck he do, I LOVE YOU WAYNE.

  18. nigguh its lil weezzy sippn on syrup , wats new..i do that shit to , i feel wat that nigga meens but still ther aint kno need to try tha dude over sum shit like this… if he dies he dies if he he dont ..leave tha BEST rapper alive right now alone do sutmn that involves gettn that cash money …ya diiggg

  19. Eh, hes a rapper what chu gonna expect him to not do drugs or sip syrup?
    haha anyways ima HUGE fan of himm and if he dies it will be sad =[

  20. May God bless those who are suffering or who have some sort of addiction that has taken over their bodies physically, mentally and emotionally. We have too many of these famous folk that our children are looking up to who are setting the wrong example for them. Lil Weezy is the best rapper alive-and I wish that it would stay that way. I don’t want to see another great rapper fall because of drugs. He is right though only god can judge him. Get help before its too late Weezy, Young Buck and any others out there that have an addiction. Think about yourself and the ones that you are hurting around you.
    -One Love

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