Bush’s Role in Palestinian Civil War


Amidst the political turmoil that is ravaging Palestine as it descends into all-out war with Israel, Vanity Fair has a compelling piece detailing the American involvement in these tragic turn of events.  For those who are always questioning how America always ends up in the middle of Middle Eastern conflicts this article details how Bush and Condelezza Rice assisted in the rampant instability that is erupting into chaos in this region of the world.  Meddling in other people’s affairs and pushing their own agenda on the world, this article will take you step by step into the backward planning process that has left this administration with the distinction of being the worst ever in office.  This debacle once exposed will rank up there with historic blunders like the Bay of Pigs, Iran-Contra and the Iraq invasion.  And they have the nerve to be harping on frivilous issues this election cycle like a candidates choice of dress or supposed “inexperience.”  If Americans only had a clue.  To read this compelling article in its entirety CLICK HERE.

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