Ringtones Estimated to do $17.5 Bil by 2012


The Digital Revolution is definitely in full swing.  A recent

 survey released estimated that ringtone sales will eclipse $17.5 Billion by the year 2012, and that’s despite a decline in ringtone sales.  The Juniper Research finding also unearthed that in this global market, the Far East/Asia region remains the most lucrative (hint: might have somehting to do with those several billion of people over there, over there) .  They also are saying that ringtones  which accounted for 62% of the mobile music market in 2007 may have peaked at that number. Nevertheless the majority of money generated for music sales will come via the mobile apparatus in the future.

“Far more subscribers began downloading and subscribing to music content in developed markets, and it must be said that that the publicity surrounding the iPhone launch undoubtedly contributed to consumer awareness of mobile music services per se.”

  CLICK HERE for the rest of this important report.

Source: HypeBot via ProHipHop

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