Usher Back On Top With ” Love in the Club”


For those of you who thought an unexpected marriage plus a chart full of new R&B acts dulled the shine on your boy Ursha(Usher) you were sadly mistaken. After taking continous ridicule for his recent marriage in the press,he  has risen once again with his scorching single “Love in the Club” ft Young Jeezy

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24 thoughts on “Usher Back On Top With ” Love in the Club”

  1. i love usher comme tu est beau tu chante tros bien tout les jours j’ecoute tes chansonsi love usher

  2. spanish: hello usher soy tu fanatica desde los 2 years hasta el dia de hoy bay bay love you…

  3. usher u are the best of all i relly love u so much u are hut,sexy please write me a letter by my address ok bye i love u

  4. Eu amo o Usher ele é Meu ídolo e gostaria muito se ele viesse fazer um show aqui no brasil tenho certeza que eu ia ser a primeira a chegar eu adoraria vê lo de perto e ser uma das que já subia no seu palco I S2 U

  5. i really do love u. I love u’r new album. I wish there was a way i could meet u. I’ll kill to meet u.

  6. Love In This Club .. I love it. Usher, you’ve done it again . you’ve proved the world wrong in thinking that you’re over. Boii, it’s only just begun …….. xx

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