Woman Giving Illegal BUTT Injections in NYC


Here in my hometown of NYC, we have some of the most beautiful women in the world,  and some of the most curvaseous bodies a man could ask for. With the advent of J.Lo, alot of women wanted the same type of attention she received for having a nice natural Puerto Rican booty. [We in the black community have always known and loved our sisters for their ass-ets]. So butt injections and surgery have come to the mainstream and women of all types are looking for some extra baggage. There is a story now floating around about a woman giving illegal butt injections and this is definetly a dangerous thing and anyone crazy enough to have this procedure is asking for serious medical complications down the road.

                                        More at Mediatakeout via NY POST

3 thoughts on “Woman Giving Illegal BUTT Injections in NYC

  1. I feel left out. I would get them just so I can get attention from you men, no matter the health complications

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