Obama Refuses to be Pimped By The Clintons


 The nerve of some people.  Will someone please pull the Clinton’s coat…the Dynasty is no more.  Why are they trying to juxtapose the reality of the race by making executive decisions to make the front-runner a running mate (VP) when they haven’t won a damn thing!  Obama went on the defensive quick and said why would you want someone who wasn’t fit to govern on day one in charge of the number two spot, which can become the number one spot in the blink of an eye or the tug of a trigger?  Another fine example of Clintonian tricknology.  Apparently Slick Willie needs a refresher course because his trickery doesn’t seem to be the velvety smooth variety we’ve been told the Clintons have become legend for, although I must admit that double combo of Farrakhan and the red phone in the same week was brilliant fear-mongering.  For this story in its entirety CLICK HERE.Peep the vid here… 

3 thoughts on “Obama Refuses to be Pimped By The Clintons

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