Morning shows battle for Mariah Concert


[Benny Medina with former client Tyra Banks and current client Mariah Carey]

Famed manager Benny Medina definetly knows how to play hardball (sans Chris Mathews)!. It is being reported that in promotion of Mariah’s Carey’s new album, he negotiated with NBC to have her perform for their concert series in Rockefeller Plaza. Inorder for NBC to secure her appearance they would have to give her a cameo appearance on hit show “My Name is Earl”, and give her fragrance some added promotion. Classic arm twisting.

But her “My Name Is Earl” part, which was to coincide with the album release, was put off when it was decided the album needed work, Page Six reported. “It was supposed to come out in November, then it was pushed back until February, and now the release date is April 15,” said the source.
“The entire time, Benny told ‘Today’ it would get Mariah for its concert series on Rockefeller Plaza. But then he stopped returning calls. Turns out, he had done a side deal behind everyone’s back with ‘Good Morning America’ – after NBC had agreed to all of his demands.”

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